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Beauty Budget Tips

Each season, I am tempted to buy everything trendy, and with each seasonal change, my skincare routine needs a little upgrade too. Being a hardcore beauty junkie isn’t easy, especially in this economy. Here are some tips for those who are about to spend big on the latest fall colors and new products that promise you the moon:

The 70/30 rule

Whether you actually have a budget, or you periodically splurge and suffer later, you can always use this golden ratio to help prioritize what to splurge on, and what to save. To avoid overspending, 70% of your skincare and makeup should be everyday essentials, leaving 30% of your budget to play around with seasonal colors. This way you don’t overshop the trends. Read more…

Skincare vs. Makeup: What Is Your Beauty Budget?

I had been wanting to do a poll but somehow, with this latest version of wordpress, none of the poll plugins worked so unfortunately I can’t put a poll up. I recently came upon an article on the CBS Business Network and discovered some interesting tidbits on beauty budget among Japanese women. As most of us already know, Japan is the world’s second largest cosmetics market (second only to the U.S.) and there are thousands of brands when it comes to their domestic market, which include more foreign brands than we have here in North America. The more interesting question is, how much do you spend on skincare versus makeup? Read more…

Spring 2009 Collection by Laneige: Art Play

The new Spring collection of Laneige makeup is one of the most exciting so far – its collaboration with famous artist Klaus Haapaniemi over the packaging design on the limited edition Art Play collection will for sure wow fans!

The colors in this collection (continuing the Snow Crystal theme) are not pinks or fuchsias, but rather, lavender. The most attractive item in this collection is Art Play Dual Face, a highlighting cream that adds shimmer to your face to play up your bone structure.
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