New: SKII Cellumination Essence

What better way to celebrate 30 years of business than to create yet another sure-hit product? SKII’s brand new whitening essence (its whitening essence has gone through so many upgrades and new names I have lost count!), called Cellumination Essence, promises to light up your skin from within in as little as 7 days. Read more…

Product Review: Kose Awake Aqua Trans Powder (in 02 Venus Sea)

Whenever I go to the US, I never hesitate to stock up on Japanese brands at Neiman Marcus. It’s unfortunate that we don’t get Kose Awake, SKII or AmorePacific in Canada.

I was looking for a hydrating loose powder and the sales rep at Neiman Marcus recommended this one at the Awake counter. Previously, I had used the Stardom lipsticks when Sephora used to sell Awake and loved them – those were among the best lipsticks I had used. And because I love Kose, I didn’t think twice about buying this.
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Product Review: SKII Facial Treatment Mask

SKII was the pioneer in cloth essence masks and the Facial Treatment Mask remains the very best cloth essence sheet mask I have ever used (and I have tried plenty). I remember the very first time I used this mask, there was so much essence left in the package, I ended up using another pill mask to use up the leftover essence – a habit which I was not able to drop even now! Read more…

Product Review: SKII Facial Treatment Essence

There are few products that work short term and long term and provide visible results, and this is it. I used this on and off for years now, and whenever I am off it, my skin goes back to its dehydrated self. Why I strayed is more than just economical – this stuff isn’t cheap for one thing, and I am also very aware of the existence of counterfeit SKII goods some unscrupulous dealers sell online at real SKII prices (or in some cases, sellers were duped into buying fakes and unknowingly sell fakes to customers). Read more…

News: SKII Official Online Store Coming Soon in the US

Aside from Saks Fifth Avenue’s online store which is an authorized distributor of SKII products, it is hard to find SKII products that you can trust (lots of counterfeits out there, beware, ladies!), and Saks is not cheap, when it comes to shipping to Canada.

I am glad that finally, the SKII official website in the US will be selling online soon!

Not sure whether it will ship to Canada yet, but at least it’s a good start. I hope that they will have more products that are available in Asia that aren’t released in North America yet!

According to the SKII US website, the online store will be open some time in mid-April. I am crossing my fingers that it will ship to Canada! (and not via couriers but via USPS)
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New Breakthrough by SKII: Smart Whitening

SKII, the pioneer in cloth essence sheet masks, has another breakthrough product that is very buzz-worthy – a new disc mask that literally melts right into your skin!

This program consists of 3 pieces – 2 Whitening Source Melting Essence Films and 1 Whitening Source Derm Revival Mask, which goes on top of the melting flims. Each of the discs contains 7 drops(!) of Whitening Source DermDefinition, and dissolves onto your skin in just 15 minutes.
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Celebrity Endorsement: Smart Marketing?

Have you ever purchased an expensive product based on an attractive commercial or ad? Or because of the spokesperson? Obviously, these marketing strategies of using beautiful celebrities and supermodels are highly successful, because not many of us can deny being attracted to a particular brand or product promoted by a famous beautiful woman. And of course, there is no shortage of these beautiful celebrities either. What we have here, at least in the beauty industry, is almost like a beauty showdown of who’s who, each one just as attractive, if not more beautiful, than the next:
Japan is not only famous for its own beautiful women, but also its obsession of Caucasian beauty. And who exemplifies that Causasian beauty better than Angelina Jolie?

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