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Beauty Budget Tips

Each season, I am tempted to buy everything trendy, and with each seasonal change, my skincare routine needs a little upgrade too. Being a hardcore beauty junkie isn’t easy, especially in this economy. Here are some tips for those who are about to spend big on the latest fall colors and new products that promise you the moon:

The 70/30 rule

Whether you actually have a budget, or you periodically splurge and suffer later, you can always use this golden ratio to help prioritize what to splurge on, and what to save. To avoid overspending, 70% of your skincare and makeup should be everyday essentials, leaving 30% of your budget to play around with seasonal colors. This way you don’t overshop the trends. Read more…

ICONIQ and Maquillage – A Perfect Match?

Formerly called Ahyoomee or Ayumi Lee, ICONIQ shot to fame from her girl-group Sugar (Korean) and like BoA, another Korean singer before her, who became quite popular in Japan and much of Asia, ICONIQ got herself a vast array of endorsements, the latest and biggest one being Shiseido’s lucrative contract for Maquillage, a highly popular cosmetic line.
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3 New Products from Shiseido The Makeup

The Luminizing Lip Gloss is one of the new items that was released recently. If you are a fan of the original, old version of the lip gloss, this one is non-sticky and is highly moisturizing, as are most Shiseido lip products. There are eight barely-there shades to choose from, very sheer and shimmery. Read more…

3 Must Have New Eye Makeup Items

Japanese beauty products have always set the trend for the world and they show no signs of waning. I love the innovative designs, versatility and quality of the products. Each season, they always come up with a few that you just can’t live without.

Take Shiseido’s Integrate Double Eye Liners for example. Both shades are fool proof (sweat and sebum proof too) to brighten and define your eyes. The Integrate website is one of the best by the way, when you click on each shade of each product, it shows you what it will look like. The Double Eye Liners are less than US$20.00 each, which is a steal since you are getting a great product and Shiseido quality!

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New: Shiseido Maquillage New Lip Gloss and New Shades for Rouge for Fall 2009

New in the Fall 2009 lip makeup lineup for Shiseido Maquillage is a transfer-resistant contouring lip gloss and 12 new shades for Rouge, Maquillage’s star lipstick that smooths away lip lines.

As pictured above, Karina is wearing the latest lip gloss by Maquillage, the transfer-resistant gloss that will not dry out your lips. Available in 8 shades, 4 on the right are in collaboration with popular designer Alexander Wang. This gloss will create a more 3-D contour on your lips, which goes beyond being just a transfer-resistant lip gloss.

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Shiseido The Makeup: Fall 2009 Seasonal Look

For Fall 2009, artistic director Dick Page created a very non traditional look for Shiseido The Makeup. Can you believe that yellow gold eyeshadow will be the centerpiece for fall? And pink lips? Although I personally wouldn’t wear them, I do like anything that goes against the norm. If you are tired of the same old, same old burgundy lips and smokey eye/purple shadows for fall, this is a refreshing alternative.

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