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Product Reviews: Paul & Joe Beaute Primer and Foundation

I have used almost every fall release of Paul & Joe’s base makeup (primer and foundation) since 4 years ago and have not found much difference from one year to the next; not that it’s a bad thing. Like most Japanese brands, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter base makeup formulas are very different – the Spring/Summer (referred to as S/S) foundations and primers are much lighter in texture and aim at oil control, while the Autumn/Winter (referred to as A/W) formulas are richer and more moisturizing. There is not a whole lot of difference even in other brands when it comes to one A/W release from another – simply another marketing campaign in the highly competitive beauty market in Japan. Read more…

New for Summer: Two Mascaras from Paul & Joe Beaute

The Waterproof Mascara (3,500 JPY each) gives you separate curl effect, and is sweat, tear and water resistant. Available in 01 (Black) and 02 (Dark Brown). It is a simple but powerfully lengthening and curling mascara but fairly easy to remove.

The Mascara Duo N (3,800 JPY each) gives your lash a powerful lengthening effect. Lashes stay separate and long. Available in 6 shades – 04, 05 and 06 shown above are the new shades.

Both mascaras went on sale starting June 5, 2009 in Japan.

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New Summer Base Makeup By Paul & Joe Beaute

What I love about Japanese cosmetics is its consideration for seasonal changes and skin needs. Usually, J-brands will come out with summer base makeup with a stronger sunscreen, lighter texture and longer wear (usually more sweat and heat resistant), and in autumn and winter, the base makeup tends to be more hydrating with a richer texture and weaker SPF. Paul & Joe, a French designer brand manufactured by Japan’s Albion, is no different; the new base makeup for summer 2009 fits all of the criteria for the usual summer base makeup. Read more…

Product Review: Light Cream Foundation N by Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe’s Light Cream Foundation N claims that it will create a porcelain finish – and it does just that. The lightweight foundation – somewhere between a liquid and a cream texture – feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all, and has just the right amount of coverage to create the flawless, no-makeup makeup nude face look that is highly sought after.

I tried both #20 and #30 (this comes in 6 shades) and while I find that #20 is lighter and slightly more pink while #30 is an exact match. It has an SPF 15 which is ok since this is a winter product. However, I find that the staying power is not as strong as I had hoped – it smeared a little even though I don’t have oily skin. I think this is more suitable for drier skin types like mine – on oilier skin this may be a tad too emollient, although in no way does this feel greasy.

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Product Review: Moisturising Foundation Primer by Paul & Joe Beaute

I shopped at Sephora very frequently years ago when it was selling Paul & Joe cosmetics, and was sad that they discontinued the distributorship. Paul & Joe is one of my favorite brands – it is made by Albion in Japan, and boasts not just an array of beautiful cosmetics and skin care products, but also gorgeously designed packaging as well as accessories by the famous French designers.

Albion, which is a cosmetics giant in Japan, also produces Anna Sui cosmetics. I must say, Paul & Joe’s cosmetics are by far better than Anna Sui’s – quality wise at least. I love the elegant and feminine designs of Paul & Joe’s but of course Anna Sui is more fun.
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