3 Must Have New Eye Makeup Items

Japanese beauty products have always set the trend for the world and they show no signs of waning. I love the innovative designs, versatility and quality of the products. Each season, they always come up with a few that you just can’t live without.

Take Shiseido’s Integrate Double Eye Liners for example. Both shades are fool proof (sweat and sebum proof too) to brighten and define your eyes. The Integrate website is one of the best by the way, when you click on each shade of each product, it shows you what it will look like. The Double Eye Liners are less than US$20.00 each, which is a steal since you are getting a great product and Shiseido quality!

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Product Reviews: Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

I have very sensitive eyes, most brands are either hit or miss for me, but ever since I started using Jane Iredale 3 years ago, I am hooked. Unlike Bare Escentuals and many other mineral makeup, Jane Iredale does not use any FD&C dyes or artificial colorants in most of her products, and I find the pressed eyeshadows much easier to apply than the loose powder eyeshadows.

I have the Daytime Eye Shadow Kit (US$46.00) which has 5 shades including Oyster, my most essential shade (a light ivory shade with a golden shimmer). Because minerals naturally inhibit bacteria growth, you don’t have to worry about having to throw this out after a few months, which is a real bonus. I had been using this for a year now and it still hasn’t been used up yet, so you can get the idea how long this lasts!

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Product Review: Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation SPF22 PA+

Although it does not feel heavy when you first dispense the product, I find that it does feel slightly heavy on my face. As I have dry skin, I actually find this (I use shade #21) to be adequate in terms of hydration, but again, the staying power is so-so. It can smear with humidity (I live in Toronto which is mostly dry). I used this in the winter time and I find that sometimes it tends to smear half way through the day even though I do not have oily skin.

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New: 8 Hours Keep by Maquillage

Being a huge fan of anything Maquillage, I am always excited to see new items that come out every new season. Since Spring is just around the corner, a new line of base makeup for Spring/Summer has been launched: 8 Hours Keep, a long wearing base makeup line that promises touch-up free makeup for up to 8 hours. Read more…

Product Review: Laneige Skin Veil Foundation SPF26 PA+

This foundation is basically the same as Moisture Lighting Foundation (the oil free version is the same as Clear Lighting Foundation). Again, like the makeup base, there is no noticeable difference between this new version and the old line. Just a name change and a slight change in packaging – that’s all.

The coverage is medium and is buildable. However, the lasting power is lacking – unlike Maquillage’s foundations which don’t require touch-ups (unless you have super oily skin), this one will smear a bit, even on my dry, non-oily skin. I also find most Korean base makeup to be slightly on the heavy side, with a bit too much pink, which always gives you the white face yellow neck look. I also find that the #21 in this Skin Veil formula is a tiny bit lighter and more pink than before as well.

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Product Review: Shiseido Maquillage Climax Lasting Liquid UV

This is the second version of Maquillage liquid foundation I have used (the other one being the Flawless Skin Liquid), and it is just as fabulous. This is the Spring/Summer version and comes with a stronger SPF (28 A++), with a very thin, light texture.

While many Japanese foundations are great, this one lasts all day and yet it is so light, it does not feel like you are wearing foundation. It lasts through sweat, humidity and heat. I cannot stress enough how awesome the texture it, and how natural the shade is. I have the OC20 shade.

The coverage is light to medium, and is super blendable. For summer, this is the best foundation I have used and I will continue to buy Maquillage base products as long as they are around!
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Coffret D’Or – The New Superstar Brand from Kanebo

As sad as I was that Kanebo had discontinued T’estimo more than a year ago, I was not too worried because as we know, most of these J-brand cosmetics come and go. As some old favorites are retired, new, bigger and better things always come along. Think PN by Shiseido – it was great, but now, everybody loves Maquillage!

Coffret D’or is a fairly new makeup brand by Kanebo. Where T’estimo was more or less a point-makeup line, Coffret D’or is a full makeup line with base makeup, point makeup (eyes, cheeks and lips) and nail color. The packaging is far more luxurious and grand than T’estimo, true to Kanbeo fashion.

As if the products alone aren’t attractive enough, 5 very popular Japanese actresses adorn this brand. My favorite of the bunch is Takako Tokiwa, who looks 10 years younger than her 35 years.
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Spring 2009 Collection by Maquillage

Maquillage, perhaps the most successful and popular makeup brand from Shiseido, continues its strong marketing campaign by using successful actresses and models. Absent from the 2009 lineup is my personal favorite, Misaki Ito, but I am pleasantly surprised to see Taiwanese model Pace Wu joining the team. Read more…

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