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All About Eyes – 8 Important Tips You Need To Know

Find out how you can protect and keep your eye areas in good shape with these important eye tips:

1. Tweezing

For most people this may not be a big deal, but some of us have very sensitive skin and the simple act of tweezing can actually leave stinging redness that lasts a little too long to our liking. Not all tweezers are equal, so you need to find one that will pick up hair with relative ease, without having to poke deep in the skin to pluck out the hair by its follicle. If tweezing is often painful for you, you can put Anbesol (an oral gel to numb the gums for teething pain) where you are going to pluck to reduce the pain and sting. Be careful not to use it too close to the eyeballs though.

A few days before your period is the skin’s most vulnerable time. It is extra fussy so tweezing, waxing, etc. should be avoided until after your period. Read more…

Age Specific Skincare: 30s

When you are in your 20s, you rarely think about your own mortality and aging. You are invincible, always full of energy, and even if you stay up all night you don’t get circles under your eyes the next morning. Anything goes – makeup colors can be more vibrant, mini-skirts look good on you, and you can get away with a basic 3-step skincare routine.

When you hit 30, it’s a whole new story! Fatigue shows on your face even if you undersleep by an hour for one night, dehydration lines start to appear on your forehead, and lines around your eyes when you smile. That’s why it is important to use age specific skin care and makeup when you start this new phase of your life. Read more…

Skincare vs. Makeup: What Is Your Beauty Budget?

I had been wanting to do a poll but somehow, with this latest version of wordpress, none of the poll plugins worked so unfortunately I can’t put a poll up. I recently came upon an article on the CBS Business Network and discovered some interesting tidbits on beauty budget among Japanese women. As most of us already know, Japan is the world’s second largest cosmetics market (second only to the U.S.) and there are thousands of brands when it comes to their domestic market, which include more foreign brands than we have here in North America. The more interesting question is, how much do you spend on skincare versus makeup? Read more…

Product Review: Shiseido The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam

Shiseido’s The Skincare line is mostly made in the US, whereas its White Lucent line is made in Japan. One of the more obvious differences is the scent; I do not care for The Skincare products’ fragrance. The White Lucent line has a slightly more pleasant scent but I would have preferred no scent at all. Fragrance aside, between this cleansing foam and White Lucent’s, I don’t find any differences in terms of quality or results. Both are very mild, gentle cleansers that provide mild cleansing, but apart from that, the extra $5 I paid for the White Lucent foam isn’t really justified in my opinion. Read more…

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