Beauty Budget Tips

Each season, I am tempted to buy everything trendy, and with each seasonal change, my skincare routine needs a little upgrade too. Being a hardcore beauty junkie isn’t easy, especially in this economy. Here are some tips for those who are about to spend big on the latest fall colors and new products that promise you the moon:

The 70/30 rule

Whether you actually have a budget, or you periodically splurge and suffer later, you can always use this golden ratio to help prioritize what to splurge on, and what to save. To avoid overspending, 70% of your skincare and makeup should be everyday essentials, leaving 30% of your budget to play around with seasonal colors. This way you don’t overshop the trends. Read more…

New: Serum de Rouge by Dior

Dior creates the first Sérum de Rouge, elixir of youth with exquisite radiance. A sublime alliance of skincare and color benefits, the serum texture literally melts into the lips for absolute comfort and unbelievable sensory pleasure at application. Read more…

3 Must Have New Eye Makeup Items

Japanese beauty products have always set the trend for the world and they show no signs of waning. I love the innovative designs, versatility and quality of the products. Each season, they always come up with a few that you just can’t live without.

Take Shiseido’s Integrate Double Eye Liners for example. Both shades are fool proof (sweat and sebum proof too) to brighten and define your eyes. The Integrate website is one of the best by the way, when you click on each shade of each product, it shows you what it will look like. The Double Eye Liners are less than US$20.00 each, which is a steal since you are getting a great product and Shiseido quality!

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Fall 2009 Makeup Preview: Kanebo Lunasol

Much like Shiseido’s Maquillage, Kanebo’s luxury makeup brand Lunasol also has 5 looks for the upcoming fall season. Unlike Maquillage though, Lunasol’s fall collection is all about the stars.

Each of the 5 looks presented by Lunasol invariably creates a very sophisticated look without compromising the originality or the creativeness of the color combinations. From neutral pinks to dark indigo smoky eyes, each look is very sexy and highly wearable.

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New: Aube Couture Eye & Lip Makeup

Is it me or does anyone else think the compacts in the Aube Couture collection (pictured above) look a lot like a pink version of Kanebo’s Coffret D’Or? Not that it matters, Aube is another one of my favs, and I have nothing but high praise for its products. Read more…

New: Kanebo Coffret D’Or Summer 2009 Collection

Kanebo’s Coffret D’Or is a rising superstar brand by Kanebo – being more affordable than Lunasol and yet remains a high quality trendy brand. What I love about Coffret D’Or is that unlike many other cosmetics brands which tend to issue a couple of new shades for a particular season, Coffret D’Or actually creates a whole new line for their new season launches. Read more…

Coffret D’Or – The New Superstar Brand from Kanebo

As sad as I was that Kanebo had discontinued T’estimo more than a year ago, I was not too worried because as we know, most of these J-brand cosmetics come and go. As some old favorites are retired, new, bigger and better things always come along. Think PN by Shiseido – it was great, but now, everybody loves Maquillage!

Coffret D’or is a fairly new makeup brand by Kanebo. Where T’estimo was more or less a point-makeup line, Coffret D’or is a full makeup line with base makeup, point makeup (eyes, cheeks and lips) and nail color. The packaging is far more luxurious and grand than T’estimo, true to Kanbeo fashion.

As if the products alone aren’t attractive enough, 5 very popular Japanese actresses adorn this brand. My favorite of the bunch is Takako Tokiwa, who looks 10 years younger than her 35 years.
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Kanebo became Kracie!

Don’t be alarmed when you pick up your favorite Naive cleanser and it says Kracie, not Kanebo on the tube! That’s because Kanebo had gone Kracie!

After looking at the Kracie official website at http://www.kracie.co.jp/eng/index.html, I found out that Kanebo’s toiletries, foods and home products have evolved from Kanebo to Kracie. (Kanebo’s main cosmetics lines remain Kanebo though)

Lines like Hadabisei, Wakanka, Prostyle, Resche, Silk and Naive are part of this name change.

The costs necessitated by the name changes are estimated at well over 1 billion yen(!).
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