Product Review: DHC Olive Leaf Extract

There are times when I complain about all the fillers used in serums and emulsions – especially when there is a heavy silicone feel to the products – but there are times, as rare as they come, when I wish they would add some fillers to the products to make them at least feel a little more effective. As much as I normally love DHC for not using too many unnecessary fillers in their products, I actually wish they put a little silicone dimethicone in the Olive Leaf Extract! Read more…

Product Review: DHC After Bath Hair Treatment Oil

I have tricky hair – if I put conditioner near my scalp my hair will feel greasy the next day (at the scalp); and yet, my ends could use a little nourishment. Over the years I have learned to stay clear of my scalp when I use conditioner, but even with the many shampoos and conditioners I have used, I can’t seem to achieve that normal, balanced scalp with healthy hair. Until I use DHC’s After Bath Hair Treatment Oil, that is. Read more…

Product Review: DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil

This ‘mild touch’ cleansing oil isn’t new to Asians, who have been lucky to have it long ago (don’t they just have all the good stuff?!!), but I remember the last ‘mild touch’ version we had in the US was a blue bottle, ‘Soft Touch’ version which is pretty much the same thing. With the original Deep Cleansing Oil, you use it with dry hands on dry face to melt the makeup, this mild touch version can be used wet even in the shower. Read more…

Product Review: EST Cleansing Essence Enriched

If you think spending too much on a cleanser is unnecessary, think again. A good cleanser really works wonders in clearing up all the gunk left on your skin – makeup, trapped sebum, dirt, etc., all can contribute to acne, dullness and overall bad skin.

I have always been a fan of Kao cleansers – the Japanese Biore (not the one available in drug stores in North America) is one of my all-time favorite cleanser brands, and it’s so inexpensive but with good ingredients and a nice, pleasant scent. I am also religiously using DHC’s Cleansing Oil as a makeup remover, and Sulwhasoo’s Herb Soap (to complete the double cleansing), which are great as well. But after trying out EST’s Cleansing Essence, I am convinced that there is even better, more expensive cleansers that are worth every penny.

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New: Fancl’s Skin Renewal Pack

I had fond memories from my trip to Japan and Hong Kong a few years ago, when I discovered the Fancl House concept stores. If you think I am crazy about DHC, wait till you see me at Fancl stores!

The new version, Skin Renewal Pack, has Royal Jelly in it, which has an incredible skin softening effect. I don’t think it will disappoint!

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Product Review: DHC Q10 Face Powder (Transparent 00)

Sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest to find. I have no zits or major skin problems, so I all need is just a colorless loose powder to set my makeup. It’s hard to believe that almost all the brands I normally use don’t make a completely transparent loose powder – even the ones that say transparent aren’t really transparent!

Am I glad DHC has this Q10 Face Powder. It even comes in one with a light shimmer and one with a matte finish (among the other two – one in yellow and one in pink as brighteners). The price is more than reasonable – for the quality you are getting, it’s practically a steal!

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