Spring 2009 Collection by Maquillage

Maquillage by Shiseido
Maquillage by Shiseido

Maquillage, perhaps the most successful and popular makeup brand from Shiseido, continues its strong marketing campaign by using successful actresses and models. Absent from the 2009 lineup is my personal favorite, Misaki Ito, but I am pleasantly surprised to see Taiwanese model Pace Wu join the team.

Spring 2009 collection by Maquillage.
Spring 2009 collection by Maquillage.

Maquillage often comes out with new designs of pretty much the same products (e.g. the eyeshadow compacts) – and the Spring 2009 collection is no different. However I am still impressed with the massive selection of colors in the collection though. The Face Designer is perhaps the most unique item of the collection – it gives a 3D effect to give your face a nice contouring and glow effect, and if you regularly read Japanese magazines and see how the models are made up, you would probably want this item too!

Yuri Ebihara for Maquillage

Instead of one color theme, Maquillage (like Aube) usually has a few different looks (5 to be exact) for the same season. These looks are fairly similar to the year before, but with a new compact, it is still highly marketable. The packaging of these trendy brands tends to change every 3 months to coincide with the season anyway, and fans will gladly shell out their hard earned cash to copy the look of their favorite spokesperson.

For you lucky girls in Asia, Maquillage’s new collection has been on sale since January 21, 2009. For us in North America, there are a few Hong Kong and Japanese retailers that will gladly ship to you for a negligible shipping cost.


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