Product *Sample* Reviews: The History of Whoo Soo Yeon Essence and Cream

The History of Whoo Soo Yeon Cream and Essence
The History of Whoo Soo Yeon Cream and Essence

I had a week’s supply of the Soo Yeon Essence and Cream, so please keep in mind this falls under ‘sample review’ since I don’t have enough to try it out for one month.

This is a hydrating series, just like Sulwhasoo’s Hydroaid.The Soo Yeon Essence is very watery and absorbs very nicely into my skin, and though not very emollient, I felt that it replenishes the moisture content of my skin fairly well. The Soo Yeon Cream – very similar texture to the essence except a little thicker, is also very nice, absorbs well without stickiness or greasiness, and does not flake. However, for my dehydrated dry skin, neither (and/or together) is hydrating enough. I used them during the day and they make a very nice makeup base, but still, not nearly hydrating enough for my skin’s needs. If you have oily skin I think this will be a very good line for you – it will balance your skin without feeling heavy or sticky.

If I were to compare Sulwhasoo’s Hydroaid and The History of Whoo’s Soo Yeon, however, I think Whoo does a little better. I used Hydroaid for about a month before and it was really watery and it felt like I just put on water (very expensive water!). Neither is hydrating enough, mind you, but Soo Yeon costs a little less and I felt that it hydrates just a tiny bit better in the long run.

If you have drier skin, you definitely need something a little more emollient! Anyway, it’s a good way to try out a product when you have a week or two’s supply in samples, so in case the products aren’t up to your expectations, you won’t be stuck with them for a few months (not to mention the full size costs!).


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  1. Smiles
    January 6, 2011 at 4:53 pm (6 years ago)

    To Joseibi,
    Sorry to hear that the soo yeon cream didn’t work that well for you joseibi. I must admit that it doesn’t have the moisturizing qualities of the lifting cream, but it is close. Compared to sulwahsoo’s ginseng and jinsul cream it definitely does not hold out. But for people with oily to combination skin, this cream and essence would be perfect for hydration. You were right also concerning the hydroaid line joseibi! I personally think that that line is good for skins under 25. So glad that you could do all of these whoo reviews, I hope for more to come from whoo. I would really love it if you did a review on all their skincare products! Better start saving up though right ;P LOL Nice to have you back again! I’ll be checking on your blog everyday now!


    • Joseibi
      January 7, 2011 at 2:03 pm (6 years ago)

      Thanks, Smiles! Soo Yeon is pretty much the same as Hydroaid, both are very watery and for oilier skin, definitely not hydrating enough for drier skin types. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the Whoo products! 🙂

      • linda
        February 20, 2013 at 3:42 am (4 years ago)

        to my dear Joseibi

        i have a dry skin..i used to have a loreal before..but after 5years it didnt work anymore.and my skin still dry.i dont know is it because of the cream or the facial foam. so i heard that the history of whoo is a great product and im a bit confused of which product history of whoo will work for me? it jinyul or hwa yun or soo yeon. whats the different in generally?and fyi im 26years old..?thank u so muchhh for your helping…joseibii…..

        • Joseibi
          February 21, 2013 at 9:56 am (4 years ago)

          Hi Linda – you are very young and if your skin is dry (lacks oil) you can go for slightly richer line but Hwayun is meant for more mature (older) skin…Jinyul is for older too…Soo Yeon is best for dehydrated and/or dry, younger skin (dehydrated = lacks moisture). If you want to know what your skin type (esp. dehydrated v. dry), wash your face with a mild cleanser that doesn’t strip moisture from your face. After washing, pat dry with a cloth, and do not put on anything (no lotion, toner, creams, etc.) for 10 minutes. If your skin feels taut and very uncomfortable, you have dry skin. If your skin is ok (sebum usually comes out to protect your skin when it’s dry) with a bit of shine, you probably have dehydrated skin which needs moisture, not oil, to balance out. Not completely scientific, but this is from Japanese beauty magazines and I find it to be pretty accurate for myself (I have dehydrated combination skin). 🙂


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