Product Reviews: Kose Visee Eyebrow Makeup

Kose Visee Eyebrow Mascara in BR301
Kose Visee Eyebrow Mascara in BR301

If you read Japanese beauty magazines, you will notice that they place high importance on having the perfect eyebrows. Almost every other issue of Biteki or VoCE comes with a 4 page spread of eyebrow makeup lesson on how to create the perfect brown brows. As a rule of thumb, you always use a shade or two lighter than your hair color on your eyebrows – if you have black hair, for example, you may want to try a brown color for your eyebrows. Otherwise, to use black or grey eyebrow pencil would make you look harsh.

I didn’t discover this until recently actually. For the longest time my eyebrows have always stood out as being too dark (I have always used grey -GY01- in the brow pencil) and I looked harsh with my pale skin and dark eyebrows. Then I tried the Japanese way and bam! It is the best discovery since, well, I discovered Japanese brands!

Anyway, I followed the product recommendations from Biteki and VoCE magazines. They both had lessons in eyebrow makeup and how to make those eyebrows lighter to freshen up your look. I bought an eyebrow mascara, powder eyebrow and a brow pencil all from Kose Visee, one of my favorite point makeup brands since the price is reasonable and it’s so trendy.

The Eyebrow Mascara is a great idea. After trimming my eyebrows, I used the powder eyebrow and the pencil first, and lightly stroke my eyebrows with one coat of the eyebrow mascara and I was all set!

Kose Visee Eyebrow Pencil
Kose Visee Eyebrow Pencil

The Eyebrow Pencil I use is in the the brown shade, the lightest one available. While I had reservations about how light it was, it actually goes well with the whole set. My brows look so soft and natural, and I look much younger and less harsh! By the way, the eyebrow pencil is water resistant and sweat resistant. It has never failed me.

Kose Visee Powder Eyebrow in BR301
Kose Visee Powder Eyebrow in BR301

The Powder Eyebrow is awesome. For the price, it is a steal! I don’t know how I lived without this all this time. The blender brush it comes in works great by the way. Also, it comes with a highlighting shade (the lightest shade) to shade right below the inner eyebrows too. Unlike most western brands which mostly come with just two shades, you get this highlighting shade.

All in all, I was so glad I discovered this whole art of using a lighter color on your eyebrows. I wish I discovered this sooner!

I bought these products on by the way.


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  1. Winspark
    June 29, 2009 at 12:54 pm (8 years ago)

    Thanks for the tip Joseibi! I definitely have to check this out.


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