Product Review: Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT Radiant Touch in 2.0 (Luminous Ivory)


This is one of those products I have always wanted to try, but at the exorbitant price, I was not willing to be disappointed. For every glowing review there seems to be an equal number of detractors. Anyway, I am so desperate to hide my dark circles, I finally splurged and bought this, and with a $20 VIB gift card to spend from Sephora, it does help a bit that I paid $30 instead of a full $50 (CAD) on this!

Ok. So many die hard fans would say that this isn’t a concealer. It’s a highlighter, and the detractors are using this all wrong. To be fair, I think because of the price, people will judge this a lot more harshly, than if they were to spend $10 on Maybelline’s version at the drug store. I got this in Luminous Ivory (2), for my light skin tone. I have made a mistake with a similar product from the Body Shop and got a peach toned shade in #4 (to be reviewed separately), which was way too dark for my skin, and when you use concealer or highlighter it is better to get close to your own shade and slightly lighter. It’s a tricky business to be honest, because too light or too dark will both give you the raccoon (or reverse raccoon) eye effect.


So, is this really that magical? I don’t really think so. I use Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque, Creamy Concealer in Sand and this Touche Eclat on top. If I only use Touche Eclat on its own, my dark circles still show; but with the corrector and concealer, plus Touche Eclat, the result is better.


The click pen, by the way, is not a bad idea. It says to sanitize this once a week which I do, and it does not give me any trouble with weird smell like some reviewers mentioned. I usually sanitize my makeup (brushes and applicators) daily anyway. You need to click this 30 times to activate it, but I find that when you invert it with the brush down, the product flows much easier anyway.


This is not very pigmented because this isn’t a concealer, but more like a highlighter. You can see how it looks on my hand. It does not crease by the way – I have pretty dry eyes but this never accentuate the dryness and it doesn’t really show all that much once you blend it in.


This is without flash, taken in natural light. I must say that my dark circles are still slightly visible…and if the lighting is directly overhead, my circles definitely show.


This is taken WITH flash – I find that with Touche Eclat, it looks great in flash photography.



Just for reference, this is WITHOUT Touche Eclat, in flash photography. Not a whole lot of difference, is there? Certainly not $50…

So is it really worth the CAD$50 (US$40) price tag? Personally, I don’t think so. This isn’t a miracle product for me…and I really wanted this to work as my HG dark circle buster. I have done my makeup with just the Bobbi Brown concealer and corrector with the same results in flash photography.  For that amount of money I did expect a miracle product!


I am late to wish everyone a Merry Christmas…I hope you will enjoy the holidays and have a great New Year!



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