Product Review: Yojiya Paper Soap

Yojiya Paper Soap, about US$2.99
Yojiya Paper Soap, about US$2.99

A dear friend of mine went to Kyoto last year and sent me this Yojiya Paper Soap (20 count). I have seen DHC’s Q10 version (soap film) before, but have never used it; and over March break, I took this with me to Jamaica, since it’s so tiny and convenient instead of carrying a tube of foam cleanser. These pictures are actually taken in my hotel room in Montego Bay! 😉


The size of this little pack is great for travel. I have small hands and this fits perfectly!


Each paper soap is very light and thin, but dissolves quickly and easily with just a little bit of water. I didn’t take pictures (hard to do it when your hands are full of soap) when one sheet of this paper soap is completely lathered. It creates a very rich lather with so little soap, which is amazing!


This version is fragrance and colorant free, by the way. There is a seasonal version with Sakura (cherry blossom) which has a bit of red and fragrance. Although this one is fragrance free, somehow there is a very natural, pleasant scent to it. After cleansing, it does not leave my skin dry at all. Mind you I was in a pretty humid place in the tropics, but still, this is a really neat product.


Each pack comes with 20 sheets of paper soap. I highly recommend it if you could find it – I remember at one point almost sold Yojiya products but they preferred to keep the brand in Japan since it is a highly reputable Kyoto brand and I respect that. I still remember these neat Japanese products when I visited Kyoto years ago and this definitely brings back fond memories of Japan!

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