Product Review: TheBalm TimeBalm Concealer

TimeBalm by TheBalm
TimeBalm by TheBalm
TheBalm TimeBalm Concealer, 7.5g, US$18.00
TheBalm TimeBalm Concealer, 7.5g, US$18.00

Dark circles…sigh. It took me a while to realize that my dark circles are from rubbing my eyes (allergy sufferers beware!) often, rather than from lack of sleep, since my dark circles are brown, not blue. One quick way to tell what type of dark circles you have, besides the colour, is to pull the skin under your eyes down – if the darkness moves with it, that means you have friction(from rubbing)-based dark circles. Asians are also particularly prone to having brown dark circles from pigmentation as well. It is important to know what type of dark circles you have so you can use the right products to treat and/or hide then!

Anyhow, I have heard so many good things about TheBalm’s TimeBalm concealer, I finally decided to give it a try since I am running out of my Fasio Zero Expert Concealer. I bought TimeBalm in Light, the second lightest shade available, though I have heard a lot of users saying that the two lightest shades don’t have enough pigment to cover the dark circles. Sadly, they are right. Sure, we are told to use a shade lighter than your foundation shade to conceal dark circles; but unfortunately, Light is not particularly pigmented, no better than my Fasio concealer.


Still, I do see some good in this concealer. First of all, I know some people complain about the cheap looking jar. It isn’t the best, but in my opinion I really don’t care as long as the product actually works. The jar is fine. There is no fragrance, and the concealer is VERY creamy, and requires no tugging to get it out. It’s easy to apply and blend – these are the good points.


I know the product description even said to use this at bedtime. But NO. Really, wearing makeup for bed? NO! Sure, they add some Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) but still, this is a makeup product.  I use this only as a concealer and don’t look to this to actually treat my skin. 😉

Does it crease? On me, it does, despite having used Clinique All About Eyes Rich under, and a light layer of loose setting powder. This is one of the rare products that crease badly under my eyes, which makes them look dry and older. Not a good thing.

On the above picture (taken under natural lighting without flash), the concealer covers 80% of my dark circles (though when there is light directly overhead my circles still show) though you can still see a faint shaded area underneath. I need at least 2 layers but the more I pile on, the more it creases.

I am still looking for my HG concealer. Meanwhile, I just purchased Aube Couture’s Designing Highlight and Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream – hopefully at least one of them will do its job!



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