Product Review: Super By Perricone Lush Lips with Coconut Oil

Super Lush Lips with Coconut Oil, 0.5 oz, US$20.00
Super Lush Lips with Coconut Oil, 0.5 oz, US$20.00

Super is a line created by Dr. Nicholas Perricone—founder of the highly effective skincare brand Perricone MD— a nourishing collection of skincare and body care  infused with phytonutrients derived from some of the most powerful superfoods and formulated with advanced patented sciences. I have read about Dr. Perricone before, and having perpetually dry lips, I decided to give this a try.

The Super line sounds good, and isn’t tested on animals. Dr. Perricone’s main line isn’t either by the way. I wanted something without petroleum/mineral oil since most of the cheap drug store lip balms are loaded with those. This one doesn’t, so it fits the bill perfectly.

The scent is basically the best thing about this lip balm. It’s a nice, natural coconut scent, which smells very yummy and reminiscent of my honeymoon in Barbados. I am not generally big on coconut scent, especially because Coppertone has done it to death; but I don’t mind it when it’s on my lips.

The texture is similar to L’Occitane’s Shea Butter. This one has shea in it so I am not surprised; but personally, L’Occitane’s Pure Shea Butter did a far better job of hydrating my parched lips. Despite all the goodies loaded into Super Lush Lips, I found myself having to reapply this very often, as often as half an hour even. So, for hydration, this isn’t the best.

Considering the price of this little product, I didn’t think it was worth it. The hydration is only average (below average for dry lips), though it smells nice. It does last a very long time – I bought this back in Spring and I only used maybe 10% of it – but you can get L’Occitane’s little tin of shea butter for $8 which lasts just as long and does a better job of moisturizing your lips and other dry/rough areas (L’Occitane’s Pure Shea Butter can be used everywhere).


Ingredients of Super by Perricone's Lush Lips

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