Product Review: Go Smile Smile Whitening Light (with 6 ampoules)

Go Smile Smile Whitening Light with 6 ampoules, US$199.00, on sale at for CAD$77 (and change)
Go Smile Smile Whitening Light with 6 ampoules, US$199.00, on sale at for CAD$77 (and change)

I am an avid tea drinker (when you have a young child, you need caffeine!), and I have noticed that my once-white teeth aren’t so white anymore. After reading so many great reviews about the Go Smile products, I decided to try it, especially when a very expensive system was marked down to only CAD$77 at

This system comes with a Whitening Light and 6 ampoules (consisted of 6% hydrogen peroxide, highest level permissible over the counter; alcohol and PVP). The whole procedure takes three 10 minute sessions, each 10 minute session ends with the light device giving one single beep.

The mouthpiece isn’t the most comfortable thing to put into your mouth. The light device was kind of futuristic cool – it’s super bright (you aren’t supposed to look directly at it) and it’s supposed to amplify the whitening effects of the ampoules.

I tried it out last night. I have used whitening trips (from Crest) before and didn’t notice the slightest bit of difference; but I do remember how awkward it is to keep swallowing my saliva with my mouth open. Anyway, I did my 3 10 minute sessions, and to my surprise, voila! My teeth are quite a few shades lighter than before! They are more evident with flash photography – they appear bright white!

By the way, even though in the product descriptions it says the mouthpiece is washable and can be shared, after drooling during the 30 minutes, I don’t think my husband would want to share that, or if I would want to use if after he drools with it on for 30 minutes. I wish they could sell that mouthpiece separately. (Maybe they do, but I don’t know)

This set comes with 6 ampoules and each session of the 3 sessions you would use 1 ampoule.So I still have 3 ampoules left, to be done within 2 weeks.

The results are so amazing, I just had to share right away. If you are in Canada, still has this on sale under Clearance. The regular sets and other Go Smile products are available at and if you are in Canada. Participate in their forums and you can get up to 15% off. The best way to try it out is one of the small sets.

The device and the ampoules are made in the USA. It’s been a long time since I see any electronic devices made in the US!

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