Product Review: SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder in #10 (Transparent) *UPDATED 6.11.2012

SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder #10 Transparent, US$9 on ebay
SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder 23g in #10 (Transparent), US$9 on ebay

Oh, SkinFood. It’s my favourite Korean beauty fix of late; since I had gone cruelty free, I had sworn off a few of my favourites – Sulwhasoo, Isa Knox, The History of Whoo, etc. But am I glad SkinFood is not animal tested!

I had been looking for a true transparent loose setting powder for quite some time. Most I had used tend to either have a beige tint, which carries a risk of oxidation (turns darker) – TheBalm, Origins, Marcelle, all fall under this category as far as their powders go. Not a whole lot, except Origins, which really made me look tanned, at least 3 shades darker than my neck. The few that I liked – Koh Gen Do, for example – either are too expensive or make my skin slightly too white; so the search was still on. And then I came across raving reviews on SkinFood’s Buckwheat Loose Powder #10, a transparent shade that many beauty bloggers swore by. At US$9 (by seller zinopark on ebay – also has a website: plus US$3 for shipping, a really low risk if you ask me. I bit the bullet and bought it, and what a pleasant surprise this turns out to be!

SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder #10 Transparent
This little container holds 23g of powder!

Most of the loose powders, high or low end, give you barely 12-14g of powder. This one, for US$9, gives you 23g! You can’t really tell when you look at how small this cute jar is. But it is packed with powder, all 23g of it. And how cute is the lid?!!

SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder #10 Transparent
Like most SkinFood products, the packaging is really cute and sweet!

Onto the product. Honestly, for US$9, this is a STEAL. It does exactly what it is supposed to do – sets makeup (if you wear foundation), or if you are like me, if you aren’t using foundation, this gives your skin a polished look by absorbing the extra shine. I only use concealer under my eyes and this sets it just fine, without creasing. The powder is finely milled, the kind of quality you may only get in more expensive brands but SkinFood gets it right for pocket change!

SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder #10 Transparent SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder #10 Transparent

I sprinkled a tiny bit of the loose powder on the back of my hand, under natural light, to show how it looks. Of all the ‘transparent’ loose powders I had tried, this one really really is transparent. It leaves no white cast (even my beloved Koh Gen Do looks a little white, at 4x the price for half the amount). It is so fine that it blends easily without looking cakey. It’s so far the only powder that doesn’t change colour on me, so my face is exactly the same colour as my neck. The product description says that this contains pearl particles, but I didn’t notice any shimmer at all, so this is really natural looking (no sparkles). As for oil-control, oilier girls may want to use a mattifying primer and/or foundation. I don’t turn oily with this the same way I do with Physician’s Formula’s talc-free powders (which are, in my humble opinion, overpriced CRAP – to be reviewed later), but this loose powder will not keep you matte all day. I would describe this as really a ‘dusting’ powder – perfectly good for normal, combination to slightly dry skin types. Oily girls may need touchups.

SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder #10 Transparent
SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder #10 Transparent

So far, so good, right? There is, however, one big con. The fragrance! It is super heavy and has a major hang time. It’s a floral cologne sort of scent, which lingers for hours. It dissipates over time (or maybe I just get used to it) but I have a strong olfactory sense and I could smell it throughout the day. While I didn’t mind the Salmon Dark Circle Powder (it has a refreshing herbal smell), this one smells like the old lady perfume. Lately, I have been having major dark circles and discovered – gasp – quite a few strands of white hair on my 36 year old head, so old lady floral fragrance is the last thing I need in a makeup product! If you wonder if you would notice the smell, you absolutely will. It is quite overpowering, especially when you apply the powder (the moment you open the jar). That’s one big con – but still, considering the price and the quality, I think this is a good buy.

This product also comes in #21 and #23 as in the foundation shades besides #10 (transparent).

Will I repurchase? If I get used to that fragrance, I might; I just wish SkinFood didn’t go so heavy handed on the scent.

Update 6.11.2012

Well, I didn’t think this powder was whitening until I took a picture of myself, in flash. It isn’t pretty – the powder showed up very white on my skin in uneven blotches. Did you ever see Nicole Kidman’s powder touch-up fiasco pictures?

Well, that’s what happened to me, except I do not possess Kidman’s beauty (or fame, or height, or money or….oh well, I better leave that for my next session with my therapist!).

This powder also doesn’t control oil very well either. And the old-lady fragrance still hasn’t grown on me…which is too bad. I still use this, but only if I use a foundation or tinted moisturizer, otherwise my skin photographs (in flash) in yucky blotches. If you MUST get this, get it in the tinted shades so you don’t end up looking like you were playing with your granny’s flour canister.

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4 comments on Product Review: SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder in #10 (Transparent) *UPDATED 6.11.2012

  1. Carole
    July 2, 2013 at 5:55 am (4 years ago)

    How do you know that Skin Food is a cruelty free brand?

    • Joseibi
      July 4, 2013 at 2:07 pm (4 years ago)

      Hi Carole,

      At the time I wrote the review, I found it on Skinfood’s website that they don’t test on animals; however, I just went to their English website and it looks like that particular statement is no longer there. So I assume they cannot stand behind that claim anymore…


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