Product Review: Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream

White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream, 15ml, US$55.00
White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream, 15ml, US$55.00

My desperate search for an anti-dark circle eye cream led me to this. I know, I know. Nothing really works on dark circles…but after reading the two types of dark circles – hereditary (where there really is no cure) and the most common ‘brown’ dark circles that Asians tend to get, from hyperpigmentation, I decided to go for a whitening eye cream, and what better than Shiseido’s White Lucent?


For your information, this eye cream claims to target BOTH the bluish dark circles (from lack of circulation) AND ‘brown’ circles (from hyperpigmentation/melanin):

Specially developed with a breakthrough ingredient, this eye cream combats the two major causes of dark circles: pigmented melanin (brown circles) and poor micro-circulation (blue circles), and defies dark circles by inhibiting melanin production, fading existing pigmentation, and improving micro-circulation.

Very attractive, but also very ambitious. This is Shiseido though, they have 140 years of history, so I have some faith in them. Not that I had much luck with their skincare as much as I did with their makeup.


I have been faithfully using this day and night for the past 2 months. It has a light, pleasant fragrance which I don’t mind but prefer not to have  any due to my sensitive eyes; this does not seem to bother them at all. This product is also made in Japan (as in all White Lucent products), and from my experience the Japanese are great when it comes to fragrance – it’s always just right and never pungent. It gives that luxury product feeling you get when you spend a certain amount.

The texture is light and absorbs into the skin very quickly with no oily residue. I use this under eye makeup without compromising its performance. It doesn’t really do optical tricks with mica like I expected it would (cheap trick). It also comes with a spatula but obviously it would have been even better if it comes in an air pump system.

After 2 months, I can’t say my dark circles have gotten any better, but they have not gotten worse even though I had not been sleeping more than 5 hours a night due to a child that doesn’t sleep through the night. So I can’t really say whether this works or not; but I do like it as an eye cream. It hydrates without feeling heavy. And after 2 months, it barely made a dent in the jar so this 15ml jar will last forever at this rate!

Here are the ingredients (click to enlarge):


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