Product Review: Shiseido The Makeup Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow

Shiseido The Makeup Hydro Powder Eye Shadow, 6g, US$24.00
Shiseido The Makeup Hydro Powder Eye Shadow, 6g, US$24.00

Long been a big fan of Shiseido makeup, here is another Shiseido product I cannot live without! An Allure Editor’s Choice Award winner, this dewy cream eye shadow transforms into powder that creates a glaze of brilliant shimmery color. Intense, and lustrous, this is also crease resistant and long wearing.

The texture is very soft and creamy, and because it is waterbased, you will feel a hydrating, cooling sensation when it is applied. It does not dry very quickly, allowing you to blend it evenly on your skin, before drying to a  slightly powdery but very soft finish. My eyes are very dry (skin is dry too) and I find that many shadows tend to cake and crease on me. Other cream eyeshadows somehow smear off (really really hated Revlon’s cream eyeshadows during my college years). But not this one! It looks shimmery but very natural. I have this in Lemon Sugar, which gives my eyes and the bridge of my nose a very nice, healthy glow.

From the monent I put on until I take it off, this does not crease. It stays exactly the same as the moment I apply it. That is the long wearability I love about Shiseido products!

**Bonus: this product does not contain any parabens or artificial dyes!


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