Product Review: Shiseido The Makeup Hydro Powder Eye Shadow (2 shades)

Shiseido The Makeup Hydro Powder Eye Shadow in Clover Dew (Left) and Rose Tulle (Right)
Shiseido The Makeup Hydro Powder Eye Shadow in Clover Dew (Left) and Rose Tulle (Right)

I have had these for a long time but had forgotten to review them. I had one of these in Lemon Sugar before, which was a golden ivory shade that I find very good as a cream highlighter; I think I had reviewed that one separately a long time ago. The reason why I am reviewing these is because for some reason, the texture of Rose Tulle is very strange compared to the Lemon Sugar and Clover Dew shades.

These had been upgraded by the way, the new version looks much more like the Maquillage (Shiseido’s Japanese line) design with new shades now. I paid $22 each for these two at the time. The new version is now US$25.00. (Shiseido now sells on its own website in the US.)

First of all, these aren’t very pigmented, so I personally like them because on fair skin, with highly pigmented shadows, it can look frightening. I want my makeup to be more natural and neutral so I usually stick to less pigmented products to give just a sheer wash of color. I bought these more than a year ago before I found out about Shiseido’s animal testing, by the way.

The texture of these hydro powder shadow is kind of like the Hazeline Snow Moisturizing Cream that many people from Hong Kong in my age bracket may be familiar with. It’s  more like a non-starchy, non creamy souffle texture. I find that with the Lemon Sugar shade, because it is close to my skin tone (more golden than my fair skin), it’s more forgiving when you apply it. For Clover Dew, a very beautiful light turquoise/teal shade, it is not very forgiving, and you have to blend carefully or it looks uneven, especially with the shimmer. For shades like that, it’s easier just to use powder shadows!

The Rose Tulle shade – it looked so pretty in the jar, but somehow when I apply it, there are grits. I know that all these shades have shimmer in them, but neither Lemon Sugar nor Clover Dew had this gritty texture. Rose Tulle felt gritty, and when I applied it on my lids, it almost felt like I was scratching my lids with sand. Not good when you have sensitive eyes like mine. It made my eyes water instantaneously. The color, while it looked so pretty in the jar, went on my lids like I had allergies with this shade of pink. It wasn’t flattering in the least, and as a result, after a year, as you can see, I barely made a dent in these two.

With the Lemon Sugar shade, I had used it not only as a shadow but as a cream highlighter along the bridge of my nose, so I used it until it was no more. I just personally find these other shades, which aren’t close to your own skin tone, harder to use when it’s not a powder shadow. You have less control even if you are using a brush or your fingertips. If you have a lot of time in the morning to do your makeup that’s fine; but I have to get my 4 year old out the door in 45 minutes for school so I have 5 minutes each day to do my makeup, this will take more than 5 minutes to perfect.

I will say that I loved the Lemon Sugar shade, and the Clover Dew shade is pretty, but the Rose Tulle shade didn’t work for me in texture and color. The Hydro Powder feels cool when you apply it and blend it and dries (not quickly but regular time) to a somewhat powdery finish that isn’t drying.

In light of Shiseido’s big role in animal testing I will not repurchase any Shiseido products, which is a shame because I love their makeup!

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