Product Review: Shiseido Maquillage Essence Rich White Liquid UV Foundation (BO-10) **UPDATE 2.21.2013

Shiseido Maquillage Essence Rich White Liquid UV Foundation
Shiseido Maquillage Essence Rich White Liquid UV Foundation

Finally, I gave up on my Sofina Primavista Liquid Foundation UV. It was just too dark, and it smeared so easily and badly, that I was not willing to keep looking like I tanned my face but forgot to tan my neck. I will save it for summer use after I get a tan. I wanted a sheer to light foundation that doesn’t feel heavy, and Shiseido Maquillage Essence Rich White Liquid UV Foundation sounds pretty close to what I was looking for. I bought it on for US$53 (US$48 on because it offers the BO shades, which gooddealer and adambeauty do not. I bought BO-10, the lightest shade in the Beige Ochre (BO) spectrum, which is more yellow based than the OC spectrum, which is more neutral.


Like most higher end (or above the drug store level) foundations, Shiseido Maquillage Essence Rich White Liquid UV Foundation comes with a small plastic compact holding a latex sponge.


I also love that this is a pump bottle. The diamond cut design makes it so luxurious and pretty.


The sponge has different textures on either side, on purpose. The packaging of the box shows you how to apply the foundation using the sides of the sponge.


This pump dispenses a fair amount of the foundation. At first it seems like a lot; but it’s runny, and the coverage is so sheer that you may need more than a pump for more coverage.


The BO-10 shade is a PERFECT match for me. The texture of this foundation is very fluid and runny, so be careful if you pump too much and it will drip.


A small amount on the back of my hand – and about to drip. The texture is very runny so it starts dripping when you have even a dime size amount on. I am naturally two toned – my face is slightly red compared to my neck, so I usually use BO shade in the lightest to neutralize the redness, and also to match my neck better.


This gives very sheer coverage, so it won’t cover even freckles, by the way. Also, I normally use my fingers to apply foundation. The packaging shows you how to use the included sponge, a dual-textured sponge, for the best seamless application. To be honest, I had tried applying this foundation using just my fingers, and the effects were not as good as with a sponge.

What’s the importance of using the sponge? Well, I find that it really blends much more evenly than using your fingers. Because this is more like an essence type liquid foundation, it can leave streaks if you don’t work quickly to blend it in. It’s so runny and light that it gets absorbed into the skin rather quickly, especially if you don’t have oily skin. My dehydrated skin, which is quite dry now, soaks this up within literally 2-3 seconds. Another difference I find, using the sponge to apply the foundation, is that the foundation doesn’t sink into my pores as badly as it does when I use my fingers to blend it in. I use the sponge as instructed, and over the pores, I press on the foundation lightly with the sponge and it does the trick.


This foundation, however, is not what I would consider an HG foundation for my skin type. It is too thin, and not hydrating enough. It accentuates dryness, as evident on this last picture. I have used it with and without a primer and it lasted just about the same length of time with minimal smearing. It also sinks into my lines (laugh lines) over time. Mostly, I find that it makes me look very dried up. On the above picture, I topped this foundation off with Shiseido The Makeup Translucent Loose Powder, which is a fantastic powder to set the foundation and gives my skin a slight glow; without it, my skin will look very dry with this foundation alone.

And even though it contains 80% whitening essence, I found no difference using this foundation after a month of daily use, not that I expected any real skincare properties from a makeup. Overall, I am a bit disappointed with this foundation. It is best for oilier or normal skin types, preferably with nothing to cover or lines to settle in. I do love that the BO-10 shade is a perfect match for me, but it is too drying for my skin type.

UPDATE 2.21.2013

I have been using this foundation with a new primer, Too Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer, for the past few days and what a difference a good primer makes when you have a very watery foundation like this one! It literally melts into my skin and blending is a piece of cake. So for now I am pretty happy with the foundation, BUT at the same time, it is really not something I would recommend if you have very dry skin. You will need to find a very good primer that will work with this foundation.

I need to use a bit of translucent powder to touch up once or twice during the day, but by 7 to 8pm there is noticeable smear on oilier places like chin and forehead. It’s not too bad but it is visible under the powder. The product claims to provide 8 hours of stay-true color and stay put wear but I find that while the color stays true (it does not oxidize), it will not last the full 8 hours without a few touchups with powder. I have dehydrated combination skin so if you have oilier skin, you definitely need some powdering up.

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