Product Review: Shiseido The Makeup Translucent Loose Powder

Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder, 0.63 oz., US$35/CAD$42
Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder, 0.63 oz., US$35/CAD$42

I just about gave up on finding the perfect finishing powder until I bought this one.

Don’t get me wrong – Koh Gen Do makes a good one too, but too bad it’s not as easily accessible. Sometimes when you need one item and you don’t want to end up paying 1/4 of a product’s price on shipping! (Sephora only sells this online to Canadians) And I would not be caught dead making the same mistake twice buying drug store powder again after that fiasco with the Revlon one. My local Japan town beauty store had a Shiseido bonus going on, so I bought Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder. I have loved The Makeup line forever, what can go wrong?

Well, it can’t. I tested this powder on the back of my hand at the store, and it left a non-greasy, non-shimmery finish but a subtle glow. It was so smooth and blended so well, I could not wait to use it at home. I had been using it for about a month now, and I am very happy with it.


The powder is micro-fine, and even if you were to use the deluxe velour puff it came with, it doesn’t look cakey at all. I alternate between using the puff and my own powder brush (from Too Faced), and the result is beautiful either way, which I can’t say the same for most powders I have used. The powder itself looks white, but goes on *almost* translucent. I have come to accept that there is really no true translucent powder – I’d take this slightly brightening finish over the Clinique Blended Face Powder (in Invisible Matte) which literally gave me a yellow face!


Under flash photography, this will look whiter, which is the only concern if you were to be photographed with flash, especially if you have darker skin. I have fair skin (BO-10 in Japanese foundation), and this shows up in flash photography as a slightly white finish. Under natural light, my skin looked flawless with a very subtle glow.

As for the wear, it sets my Maquillage Essence Rich White Liquid UV foundation for a good 4 hours before I need a touch up at midday. I touch up with this powder once or twice during the day and the foundation will last until dinner time. It’s not a drying powder, it doesn’t look cakey, so even drier skin will look good in this.

To be honest, both this one and the Koh Gen Do translucent face powder are as close to HG status as can be. I find Koh Gen Do’s slightly more cakey and white (even under natural light)  if you have a heavy hand, whereas Shiseido’s is much more natural even if you use a puff, so it’s more fool proof. The price in Canadian dollars is close (Koh Gen Do’s is $2 more) though in US dollars, Koh Gen Do is a few bucks more. If you have drier or your skin is not light or fair, I would recommend Shiseido’s over Koh Gen Do’s.

Last, but not least, the ingredients: (click to enlarge)


I am happy with this and will definitely repurchase!

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