Product Review: Shiseido InteGrate Mineral Foundation Pressed SP16 PA+

Shiseido InteGrate Mineral Foundation Pressed in OC-10
Shiseido InteGrate Mineral Foundation Pressed in OC-10, 10g, SP16 PA+

This is one of my recent Ichibankao haul. I bought just the refill, which came with a dual sided makeup sponge, one side of which has a fuzzy velour texture and the other side a regular latex sponge; I already had a Shiseido Integrate Gracy compact case and thank goodness this one fits right in!

Mineral foundation isn’t as big in Asia as it has been in North America. To be honest, I didn’t have much success with mineral foundation powders. I find that they don’t control oil very well and don’t last as long as regular foundation/powders. I was hoping Shiseido does it better, but unfortunately, it’s not any different from my other mineral powders around the same price range (e.g. Bare Escentuals).

I have this in OC-10, the second lightest shade. This does not come in the Beige Ochre shades by the way – and the OC does show up on my skin a little red. Although I usually take in the #10 shade very well (my perfect match is BO-10), the OC-10 in this mineral foundation powder shows up a shade darker than my skin; it shows more like an OC-20 in the non-mineral range. I had to use a translucent powder that looks a little bit white on the skin just to lighten the shade.

I have used this powder on its own over primer and also over Shiseido Maquillage Essence Rich White Liquid UV Foundation (in BO-10), both resulting in smearing. This has very little staying power, I find, even though my skin isn’t even oily. Usually, when I use the Maquillage foundation over my Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer, I need to blot a minor shine at noon (after applying the makeup at 7am); with this, somehow it makes my forehead, nose and even cheeks moderately oily in 2-3 hours after application. The smearing is quite moderate as well, and requires more frequent touch ups with a blotting powder. It also oxidizes a little bit too, so my skin looks darker later in the day.

The coverage is light to medium, not full, by the way. If you have freckles and spots, you will need to layer up; however, it WILL look cakey. It also settles into my laugh lines which my other base makeup doesn’t do.

I was hoping that with the US$20 price tag this would give me at least a decent, convenient one-step product (after primer and sunscreen – the SPF in this is too low) but unfortunately this is 1) darker than the regular OC-10 shade; 2) oxidizes a bit; 3)lacks staying power so I will probably need to go back to just using my Maquillage Essence Rich White Liquid UV Foundation until I can afford to buy another Coffret D’or compact foundation to fit in the fancy case I already own! I am disappointed with this mineral powder. If you must buy it just remember to get a shade lighter than your regular shade – the OC-00 probably would suit me much better.

Shiseido InteGrate Mineral Foundation Pressed
Shiseido InteGrate Mineral Foundation Pressed

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