Product Review: Shiseido Hada Senka Perfect Gel

Shiseido Senka Perfect Gel (160g)
Shiseido Senka Perfect Gel (160g)

I have used Shiseido Hada Senka Sengan series: Perfect Oil and Perfect Whip, both of which I loved. It’s my first time trying the lighter (in texture and in feel) Perfect Gel, which removes makeup. I paid about CAD$15 for it at a local Japanese beauty store (J-town in Markham) and after 2 months I still haven’t used up the 160g tube yet, which isn’t too bad!

Although this is a very light feeling gel makeup remover, it does contain oil (castor and mineral). It emulsifies very easily and quickly leaving no heavy oily feel on the skin.


It is meant to remove makeup, but I find that with waterproof mascara the Perfect Oil did a much better job. With Perfect Gel, the waterproof eye makeup had a harder time coming off. I usually use a bi-phased eye makeup remover for waterproof mascara and eyeliner and then use the Perfect Gel to remove the rest of my makeup, followed by a foam cleanser.

The texture is light so if you have oilier skin this will not feel heavy for you. It does a decent job of removing regular (non waterproof) makeup, but if you wear waterproof mascara you will definitely need a separate eye makeup remover to remove it or you will need to rub and tug quite a bit with this product. If you are looking for sheer convenience of using one makeup remover to get rid of all your makeup and then use a foam cleanser to complete the double cleansing, you will need that extra step and extra product; so Perfect Oil is probably a better and more convenient product for you. If you don’t use waterproof makeup, then this will be a good product for everyday use.

Although this contains mineral oil, it does not irritate my skin nor does it cause any breakout (my skin is not acne prone). It is colorant free and is very gentle. It contains fragrance, but it’s so faint it’s hardly detectable, and doesn’t cause any irritations. Here’s the list of ingredients:


*This product can be rinsed off or wiped off, and can be used with wet hands in the shower/bath

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