Product Review: Maquillage Powder Touch Eyebrow

Maquillage Powder Touch Eyebrow by Shiseido
Maquillage Powder Touch Eyebrow by Shiseido

This is one product I wish Shiseido The Makeup would make for the international community! A jumbo eyebrow pencil with the texture of soft powder, this product deposits the right amount of color on your eyebrows. You can either use this to fine stroke or go over your eyebrows to change the color of your brows.

I have this in BR750, a light brown, and GY950, a light grey, which happened to be just right for me. I was using Laneige’s eyebrow liner in stone grey which is way too dark and gives me ‘angry’ eyebrows, and Maquillage’s Powder Touch Eyebrow in GY950 is light enough not to create black eyebrows, but enough color to define at the same time.

Sheer genius!!

Maquillage Powder Touch Eyebrow can be purchased at, and for about US$16.00 each.


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