Product Review: Mamonde Rose Honey Sleeping Mask

MAMONDE Rose Honey Sleeping Mask 80ml

If you like the scent of real roses and honey, this is a deliciously beautiful gel moisturizer. Mamonde, part of the AmorePacific roster of fine brands, has a rose line which I go for just for the smell — it’s not as perfumey like Anna Sui’s (which has an alcohol undertone) and closer to real rose scent.

For my dry skin, I wanted to get something that sits on top of my skin to form a barrier against moisture loss, and I went for something with a scent that I love, so I bought this product from Jolse. It was on sale at the time so it cost me about US$14, which was not a bad price.

MAMONDE Rose Honey Sleeping Mask 80ml
MAMONDE Rose Honey Sleeping Mask 80ml

This sleeping mask has a fluid gel consistency with granules that dissolve upon blending on your face. It smells heavenly, but unless you have normal to oilier skin, you will not get enough hydration from this. It’s more of a feel good, smell good kind of product than it is effective. I would recommend it for normal to oily skin, or if you live in very hot and humid places. For myself, I can put two layers of this product on, and it dries up within a few minutes like I just put water on.

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