Product Review: LuLuLun Yuzu Face Mask


Sometimes, just because a product is featured in popular magazines, it doesn’t mean it’s good.


Take LuLuLun face masks, for example. I got this from a very good friend of mine, who was very kind and sent me care packages from Taiwan on a regular basis, so I get to try many of these Japanese products that are featured in Cosme. The masks are mineral oil and color free, and made in Japan; but despite having quite a following in Japan, these are possibly my least favorite sheet essence masks I have ever used, and I will tell you why.


First off: the packaging. This is a ziplock pouch that contains all 7 sheets that are not individually wrapped, which is the first time I have encountered this. I get that it does save the environment some extra packaging; but some things are essential, and for sanitary reasons, I much prefer my cloth essence masks to be individually sealed. I am careful to only remove one sheet at a time when I open the pouch, but still, when it’s all 7 sheets packaged in the same pouch, it limits their shelf life, particularly once opened.

Nowhere on the packaging did I find the volume of essence saturated in each mask. Kose Cosmeport and Kanebo’s cheaper lines make similar cloth essence masks, and usually they are on the stingy side, giving each mask 17-18ml of the essence. This one did not contain that information, and judging by the feel of each sheet, I’d be mighty surprised if it contains more than 10ml.

LuLuLun Yuzu Face Mask, 7 sheets, 315 Yen
LuLuLun Yuzu Face Mask, 7 sheets, 315 Yen

The main problem with this sheet mask is the cloth shape design. It’s such a poor fit that you would have to have some kind of alien face shape for this to fit right. ( has a great review on this which includes pictures of the mask, laid out) I am serious. It’s hard to keep the sheet away from your eyes while the edges of the mask barely fits my oval face. The texture of this sheet mask is also very thin, possibly the thinnest I have ever tried, and judging from the price (315 Yen, which is a little more than US$3, for 7 sheets), you get what you pay for.

With my usual masks, which contain a good 25ml amount of essence, I can leave the masks on longer than the 15-20 minutes prescribed by the product; but with LuLuLun, I’d be lucky if the mask doesn’t feel like a piece of dried up paper on my face within 5 minutes. My skin doesn’t feel quenched after each use, and the essence, whatever that’s left (IF there’s any left), evaporates very quickly. Not even the nice Yuzu fragrance could have saved this mask.

I suppose for the price you cannot expect much. I feel bad because my friend was very kind to send me this to try, but if you were to buy this, you’d be disappointed.

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  1. Kevin J.
    March 27, 2014 at 12:13 pm (3 years ago)

    This product seemed to be everywhere in Japanese drugstores, but your review seems to point to one major issue with Japanese manufacturing of their sheet masks: they put all these masks in one pack. Sometimes, you can get a pack of 30sheets to be used daily in one big pack(like tissue serviettes) sealed in one big box on top of that for around 1200Yen or so (around 13 to 14 USD now). It’s not hygenic and plus, who in the right mind would think of creating a mask sheet package that is to be used for 30 days in a row??!!

    • Joseibi
      March 28, 2014 at 12:00 pm (3 years ago)

      The fit of this mask is just horrendous…the opening in the mouth seems to be specifically designed for Joker from Batman! It’s that wide! And I am guessing less than 10ml of essence in each mask. The Korean masks are much better, even the cheap ones fit well and are loaded in essence. It’s just my personal opinion but with the Naexy masks I just used, it really beats even the higher end masks in terms of the sheer volume in the masks (30ml each!) and my skin really does look and feel better after each use. I know people say you get what you pay for, but I find that even the lower end Korean products (e.g. The Face Shop, Skinfood, etc.) are actually very well made.

      • Kevin J.
        March 28, 2014 at 12:07 pm (3 years ago)

        The Korean versions of the sheet masks are definitely cheaper and actually fit better. I remember how when I got those Japanese sheet masks (which are Korea-manufactured as they claim), they somehow felt really weirdly packaged to suit the Japanese market, and unlike the real McCoy when it comes to Korean-made sheet masks for a Korean market, they also felt somewhat worse in terms of their fit and the overall smell and quality of the sheets. In the end, I returned to real Korean-brand masks from The Face Shop, retailing in select ranges in some department stores in Japan, as well as stock up on my sheet masks from Sooryehan, Skinfood and Hanyul whenever I am back in Seoul again. By the way, since you mentioned a lot of times that your skin is dry, I would really recommend the Hanyul Chae Eum sheet masks because they feel similar to the SK-II Skin Signature Redefining Mask(which I got as part of a gift set along with the Stempower then sometime back), but are way cheaper at virtually 1/3 or less of the price of SK-II masks!


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