Product Review: L’Occitane Red Rice Purifying Rice Toner

L'Occitane Red Rice Purifying Rice Toner, 200ml
L’Occitane Red Rice Purifying Rice Toner, 200ml

I believe this toner has been discontinued by L’Occitane…which is a shame. I bought it at 60% off last summer, and I still have about 30ml left!

This is for combination to oily skin. Just like the Purifying Rice Mask, I couldn’t pass up on such a steep discount, so despite my skin not being oily (combination in the summer, dry and dehydrated for the rest of the year), I bought it anyway. I use it in the mornings only, and it has lasted me more than 6 months already!

It contains clay so you do need to shake it (it’s a bi-phase toner with clay at the bottom) before using it. It doesn’t contain any alcohol so it was fairly gentle on the skin, and despite the added fragrance (it smells very natural, not artificial, and is quite subtle), it is mild on my skin. It does contain salicylic acid, so it has a very mild exfoliating effect which helps keeping your skin clear and smooth. It claims to mattify the skin and control shine, minimize pores, etc., but while I find that it does help control the oiliness in my t-zone (my skin isn’t oily though), it doesn’t last that long. I need to blot around noon, and a couple of hours after that too, a few times per day even with this toner.

As for minimizing the pores, this doesn’t have any effect on mine. I don’t have very large pores but I do have some noticeable pores on my inner cheeks close to my nose; and I had been using this toner for more than 6 months with no visible effects on pore size. In all fairness nothing really does though. I have tried some pretty high end (Prevage) products but nothing really shrinks the pores!

I do enjoy using this toner, because it’s gentle and pleasant to use, and it keeps my skin smooth and clear (my skin isn’t acne prone though). It doesn’t strip my skin of its moisture like some of the astringents do especially when they are made for oilier skin. My skin has a tendency to get flaky and regular use of this toner helps keep it smooth. It’s a pity that it has been discontinued. I think I paid less than CAD$12 for this. It was such a steal and I wish I bought two!

List of ingredients: (click to enlarge)

L'Occitane Red Rice Purifying Rice Toner ingredients
L’Occitane Red Rice Purifying Rice Toner ingredients

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