Product Review: L’Occitane Red Rice Clarifying Rice Mask

L'Occitane Red Rice Purifying Mask, 2.6 oz., US$24
L’Occitane Red Rice Clarifying Rice Mask, 2.6 oz., US$24

This is L’Occitane’s purifying line for normal to oily skin. I had this since last summer, when I bought it on sale at a L’Occitane store for 40% off. Though I don’t have oily skin, the discount was good and I thought I would use it for the summer, but it lasted months so it was a very good deal!

From L’Occitane’s website:

This mask is the ideal partner of combination and oily skin!

It dries on skin gently, purifies the skin and ensures a long lasting matte and velvet finish. Its exclusive formula combines a unique cocktail of red rice active ingredients from Camargue and three types of natural clays (green, white, pink) with complementary properties.

Most clay masks are fairly drying, especially if you leave them on a bit too long and when you have dehydrated or dry skin you really can’t use those. But with L’Occitane Red Rice Clarifying Rice Mask, my skin wasn’t taut or hurting. It was very comfortable to use and it wasn’t overly drying to a point of discomfort. I don’t have oily skin but in the summer time my skin tends to be leaning towards combination, so I use this on my T-zone plus chin once a week to draw out impurities. It’s a small tube (just 2.6 oz/75ml) but you don’t need a thick layer, so it ends up lasting me months.

The fragrance in this mask is fairly natural, it’s not pungent and I rather enjoy it. I can’t really say whether this mattifies the skin, because my skin isn’t oily to begin with; but after each use my skin is very smooth and not dry. However, it does nothing to shrink pore size. In all fairness, I have yet to use any product that actually does that.

All in all, a great purifying mask for combination to oily skin!

List of ingredients: (click to enlarge)

L'Occitane Red Rice Purifying Mask list of ingredients
L’Occitane Red Rice Clarifying Rice Mask list of ingredients

2 comments on Product Review: L’Occitane Red Rice Clarifying Rice Mask

  1. Kev J.
    April 24, 2013 at 7:32 pm (4 years ago)

    In all fairness, there probably are no products which can reduce pore size. The pores “look” bigger only because there might be sebum or dirt trapped in them, but their size is always pretty much the same. It’s probably just a case of visual illusion. This product looks like it might have been discontinued (??).

    • Joseibi
      April 25, 2013 at 10:55 am (4 years ago)

      Scientifically pores cannot be shrunk, but the pores can get more elongated when you age because of gravity (sadly). In some countries the products can only claim to ‘minimize’ the appearance of pores but they cannot claim to diminish them. I think L’oreal over the years got into trouble with ‘false advertising’ with its claims and of course the airbrushing of photos of their spokesmodels too…

      The mask is still available on L’Occitane’s US website but the toner is gone…a pity because it’s a pretty good product and not expensive.


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