Product Review: Laneige Dark Circle Concealer Kit #02

Laneige Dark Circle Concealer Kit 02, CAD$20.00 (plus taxes)
Laneige Dark Circle Concealer Kit 02, CAD$20.00 (plus taxes)

I had great expectations of this product – I generally like Laneige’s makeup, and this one is cheap compared to Laura Mercier*’s or Bobbi Brown*’s. Bobbi Brown’s concealer pact comes with a setting powder and has good reviews, but it is twice as expensive as Laneige’s. I want to see whether this is a great buy for the money, since it’s only CAD$20.00.

I chose #2 (there are two shades, 1 & 2) because I read that when it comes to undereye concealers you should not go too light, or it will just look super obvious. Anyway, #2 looks a little dark, but when I apply it under my eyes, the shade is just a teeny tiny bit darker than my natural skin tone, and after I set it with the highlighting powder, it doesn’t look dark.

But here’s the trick. The highlighting powder goes on very white with shimmer. When it comes to undereye circles, shimmers tend to draw attention to the very thing you are trying to conceal, so it’s not a good idea. I had to use Skinfood’s Salmon Dark Circle Powder to town down the whiteness (though Skinfood’s powder is fairly white, at least it’s yellow-toned). Laneige’s concealer itself doesn’t really do a good job concealing my dark circles either, and if I don’t tone down the highlighting powder with Skinfood’s powder, it would look funny and too obvious what I was trying to hide. Anyway, this kit looked like a great idea, but the powder should have been a matte, darker powder (a shade within the concealer shade) instead of a white shimmery powder.

My dark circle is visible in this picture, even though I have applied two layers of the concealer plus the highlighting powder and the Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder. My gripe with this Laneige concealer is that it doesn’t contain enough pigment, so the coverage is non existent. The texture is good – it spreads and blends easily without tugging and lasts all day – but it just doesn’t conceal. It ends up being like my Sofina Essence Concealer or my Garnier concealer roller – the coverage just isn’t enough to camouflage the dark circles.

Bottom line: it doesn’t do its job, so I definitely will not repurchase.

*Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier do not test on animals (ingredients + finished products). Laneige (AmorePacific) does. I bought this before I found out about AmorePacific’s animal testing unfortunately.

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