Product Review: Kose Visee Jewel Crush Eyeliner

Kose Visee Jewel Crush Eyeliner, 1,500 JPY
Kose Visee Jewel Crush Eyeliner, 1,500 JPY

I have been using Kose Visee eye makeup for a long time and have always loved it. But I am a bit disappointed with this one. It is not easy to find glittering eyeliner that does not flake off or irritate my eyes – while this one does not flake off or irritate my eyes, the liquid goes on a bit too thin for my taste.

This is a metallic shimmer finish eyeliner by the way, and comes in two other colors. I have the one in BK001. It does not have glitter flakes which is great because I had a terrible experience with a liquid glitter eyeliner from Lise Watier that flakes horribly and stings my eyes. However, this liquid eyeliner is just hard to get the consistency right – it is just too thin and does not go on evenly.

When I put a thicker layer on, this actually smears off right away. When I put on too thin, it doesn’t give the metallic shimmer finish it was supposed to. The only way to make this work is if you apply a pencil eyeliner first and top it off with this one, but that kind of defeats the purpose, since this is supposed to be a stand-alone liquid eyeliner! Anyway, this is the only ‘miss’ for me when it comes to Visee. I am still all love for the brand! (I love Kose)


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