Product Review: Kose Esprique Beautiful Skin Pact UV & Multi Covering Makeup Base

Beautiful Skin Pact UV & Multi Covering Makeup Base
Beautiful Skin Pact UV & Multi Covering Makeup Base

This came out about a year ago but it was such a good deal (US$38) on that I thought I’d give it a try. Normally, just the refill alone would cost this much; but the whole set, including a 4g Multi Covering Makeup Base and the Foundation Case, came to the same price as the refill, and I have never tried Esprique. A nice looking set at a decent price!


Multi Covering Makeup Base (SPF23 PA++): it is tinted, though it offers practically no coverage. I must say, I was not impressed with this one. It’s just the wrong product for my dry/combination skin type. This is probably more suitable for oilier skin types. It goes on the same texture as calamine lotion and dries quickly and very matte. It can be streaky if you don’t blend quickly. Surprisingly, it doesn’t quite control sebum as I have smears around midday. If you have similar skin type as mine, don’t bother with this one because it will crease and settle into fine lines, and it gives my skin a very taut/tight feeling after applying.


The case looked pretty in pictures…but it is just ok in person. I have my Coffret D’Or case which looked and felt like a higher end case than this…but since the price of the set is practically just one refill I can’t complain. The case comes with a thin transparent film to cover the foundation pact – be careful because this is what made a big dent in my brand new cake, as the fit wasn’t perfect.


The Beautiful Skin Pact (SPF22 PA++) can be used wet or dry. I have this in the lightest shade under the Beige Ochre spectrum, at BO-300. I have got lots to say about this, so brace yourselves! I have used this pact wet and dry, and with the sponge and the foundation brush from Shiseido below:


First off: both wet AND dry didn’t offer much coverage. I don’t know if it’s just particular to this shade being so light, but honestly, there is no difference in terms of coverage either way. I have buffed this baby on with the foundation brush and the sponge and I’ve got nada. Actually, worse than nada, because either it leaves streaks (despite this fabulous Shiseido foundation brush that’s made in Japan), or it looks horribly chalky and accentuates every fine line and dryness I had on my skin.

Between the sponge and the foundation brush I had more success with the brush – this brush is awesome when it comes to achieving that airbrushed, naked perfection look. You cannot go wrong with this brush if you have a good powder foundation. But sadly, this foundation pact just doesn’t cut it. Once I buffed this powder on, it looked seamless, blurring the imperfections (namely, freckles) for about 10 seconds; and then, the powder settles into my pores and fine lines. It made me look older than I actually am. That’s how bad.


The shade matches, but I think it’s mostly because there is next to no pigment.

When wet: messy, and hard to blend evenly. Don’t bother, ladies.

As if these are not bad enough points, this powder, as drying and light-coverage as it is, has little staying power. I don’t even have oily skin, but this smears like crazy, despite wearing primers. I have used different primers underneath, and also without; it makes no difference because this just smears after a couple of hours of wear. If you use this to touch up, it’s even worse.

Equally useless as a setting powder because this sets nothing. You need a good powder to set this and imagine how cakey your skin looks after all these layers?!


All in all, I do not recommend either the base or this pact. A shame, really, because I had expected better from Kose, and this isn’t the cheapest, drug-store level brand. I like Namie Amuro too, which is why I wanted to try this in the first place. The ads used ‘baby skin’ as a selling point, which cannot be farther from the results; this made me look older and dried up.

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