Product Review: Kose Awake Aqua Trans Powder (in 02 Venus Sea)

Kose Awake Aqua Trans Powder, 28g, US$38.50
Kose Awake Aqua Trans Powder, 28g, US$38.50

Whenever I go to the US, I never hesitate to stock up on Japanese brands at Neiman Marcus. It’s unfortunate that we don’t get Kose Awake, SKII or AmorePacific in Canada.

I was looking for a hydrating loose powder and the sales rep at Neiman Marcus recommended this one at the Awake counter. Previously, I had used the Stardom lipsticks when Sephora used to sell Awake and loved them – those were among the best lipsticks I had used. And because I love Kose, I didn’t think twice about buying this.

This loose powder contains more than 77% water and it feels very cool and moisturizing on my skin when I apply it. it is very light, highly translucent and looks natural – it is extremely sheer and offers no coverage at all, and from the looks of all the shades available, this is meant for a nice finish, not heavy coverage. By the way, loose powders are mostly like this anyway – if you want coverage, you go for the foundation cakes, not the loose powder.

The 02 Venus Sea shade I have, which is a natural beige finish, is almost colorless, but it does give my skin a very dewy glow. I love the shimmer in it. I got so many compliments whenever I wear it. I have tried many loose powders, including many that claim to be non drying but they all ended up being drying on my dry and dehydrated skin, except this one. The price is actually quite a steal too, for 28g it costs US$38.50. I have used powders a lot more expensive than this for half the amount but didn’t perform half as nice.

I really wish Awake was available in Canada. Sometimes it is depressing whenever you see something you like and then find out that the online stores either don’t ship to Canada or they ship by UPS or FedEx, which incurs tonnes of extra fees!


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