Product Review: Kao NEKURIZUMU Vapor Relax Hot Eye Mask (5 pcs)

Kao Nekurizumu Vapor Relax Hot Eye Mask, 5pcs/box, HK$48.00/CAD$7.00

Getting a little desperate over my worsening dark circles, I purchased this, a vapor eye mask with an eye sauna effect, from alphabeautyuk on ebay for less than CAD$10.00 including shipping (it is also available at I took the one with no fragrance, since my eyes are sensitive; this product is also available in chrysanthemum, rose and lavender.

This is a neat concept, because the moment you unseal and take out the mask, you can feel it heating up. You have to use it right away by the way so don’t leave it once you open it. It opens to form an eye mask with an elastic so you put it over your eyes. You are supposed to close your eyes and enjoy the steaming/sauna effect.

1 Kao NEKURIZUMU Vapor Relax Hot Eye Mask

The product aims at people like me, who stare at and work in front of a computer screen all day, to relieve eye strain. It doesn’t claim to improve dark circles by the way. I was hoping that the heat will help with the circulation in my eye area, which, in turn, might help with my dark circles (from lack of sleep). It didn’t. The sauna effect is good, but to be honest, this is no better than my usual method of ‘eye yoga’ – using the heat from the palms to cover my eyes during a hot shower – which cost nothing other than the cost of hot water.

The heat never became too hot in this mask (the maximum temperature it goes up to is 40 degrees Celsius), so the mask didn’t irritate or burn my eyes, but like many gadgets, this should be filed under ‘useless’ because this really doesn’t do anything!

To relieve eye strain, it is recommended that you look at something far away every 20 minutes or so. To get the same sauna effect for your eyes, just try the eye yoga while you are in the shower.

By the way, Kao (which also owns Kanebo, Sofina, EST, etc.) is widely known to conduct animal testing. I bought this a few months before I converted to cruelty free…and definitely will not repurchase this particular item or anything under Kao brand.

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