Product Review: Kanebo Lavshuca Fairy Candy Cheeks 02 (OR)

Kanebo Lavshuca Fairy Candy Cheeks 02 (OR)

I had been drooling over these powder balls for awhile now…I can’t afford Guerlain’s Meteorites, but at US$17, Lavshuca’s version (blush, not overall powder) is highly affordable. I got this in OR (orange), great for Spring/Summer!

This is a limited edition set, by the way, and comes in 2 colors – the other one being pink. I was shocked to see how tiny this was – but the powder balls weigh 15g (net) so it’s actually not as puny as it looks.

Crazy small, isn’t it? 😉

I was originally going to buy a Korean brand powder ball blusher but from what I’ve read, they are all really glittery and I don’t want to look like a 10 year old let loose in my mom’s makeup bag. This blush is actually very pigmented but not glittery at all. The 3 colored balls work very well to create a soft focus, non glittery blush:

Instead of using the pretty luxurious little velour puff provided, I used my EcoTools baby Kabuki brush to apply. The balls provide lots of pigments so you don’t need too much. On my first attempt (above) I had used a bit too much so next time I won’t be so heavy handed!

The color doesn’t change and lasts all day, no touch up required.

I cannot find any information on Kanebo’s animal testing, by the way. I do like this product, even though Lavshuca is obviously for younger girls. The packaging is cute – just like the original (old version) Guerlain Meteorites, the container is just cardboard paper. At this price I really don’t mind. (As you probably know, Guerlain’s Meteorites come in a tin can now, instead of cardboard. At the price they charge I feel that’s fair.)  Also, these powder balls could be pretty fragile (I had one broken ball in the package), so handle with care! (*Updated to add: I accidentally dropped one of the little balls on the floor, but it didn’t break!)

I bought this from alphabeautyuk on eBay by the way. This is a limited edition product so if you want it grab it before it’s out of stock!

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