Product Review: Kanebo Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow in GN-1

Kanebo Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow in GN-1, US$9.50 at
Kanebo Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow in GN-1, US$9.50 at

I don’t usually buy Lavshuca makeup, because it’s a younger brand meant for younger girls (I do own the Fairy Candy Cheeks which are powder balls for cheeks). But I really wanted a shimmery green eyeshadow, and the new Candy Pop Shadow looks so cute I just have to have it! I bought this from for US$9.50. It is tiny, and comes in a little tin can.


This is exactly the shade I was looking for – sort of a metallic lime green – but I don’t want flat colors. I was attracted to this though it’s listed under ‘glitter’ and not pearl, the latter which I would have preferred but the green shade wasn’t offered. It looks good from the tin can.


It’s super small and I already have small hands.

Anyway, onto the product performance: there is glitter and there is glitter. This is not micro-fine glitter; the flakes are HUGE and feel VERY gritty, not fine at all. The instruction said to use your finger to apply; I have tried that, and also with a brush. With my finger, this felt very coarse. It goes on rough almost hurting my eyelids. The finger application deposits a lot more pigment than the brush if you want more intense color payoff. I tend to use both – first with my finger, and then blend it out with an eyeshadow brush.


At the end of the day, the pigment has faded to oblivion, but the sparkle/glitter remains. I am not impressed by this because it is too coarse, but I guess with a glitter finish it is supposed to be like this. If you are like me and don’t like the glitter flakes, opt for the ‘pearl’ finish but the shade selection is very limited.

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