Product Review: Kanebo Kracie Naive Orange Deep Clear Cleansing Liquid

Kracie Naive Orange Deep Cleansing Oil, 170ml, HK$48
Kracie Naive Orange Deep Clear Cleansing Liquid, 170ml, HK$48

I bought this from for less than US$10, an affordable product from Kanebo’s Kracie line which is a drug store level product. I have used the Olive version before, and because I love the orange scent, I am trying this version this time.

The scent is a light orange fragrance which is very pleasant, and the fluid is very runny, much more than your average cleansing oil. It removes makeup (including waterproof) very easily and rinses off clear and fresh without stripping skin of moisture. However, because of the fragrance, I do not use this to remove eye makeup in fear of an allergic reaction (I have very sensitive eyes). The liquid actually feels a little thicker once you apply it on your skin, so I find that I had to use a bit more to remove my makeup than Shiseido Senka Perfect Liquid or Perfect Oil (which are nano-sized). All three can be used with wet hands, by the way, which I prefer, because you can use this in the shower or bath.

At this price one can’t complain but I personally prefer the Shiseido Senka line to this one. Still, Kracie Naive Orange Deep Clear Cleansing Liquid is pretty good.

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