Product Review: Kanebo KATE Powder Gel Liner N

Kanebo KATE Powder Gel Liner N
Kanebo KATE Powder Gel Liner N

I have always been very fond of KATE, a super affordable line by Kanebo, finding it to be very good quality for the money. The average product from the KATE line costs about US$10, equivalent to drug store brands in North America. The quality of KATE, however, is far superior to the drug store brands here, and can hold its own against some of the western department store brands!

This isn’t the first time I tried KATE (having used KATE eyeshadows before), but almost every Japanese beauty magazine has, in one or two issues per year, declared various KATE products fan favorites. Looking for a cream eyeliner, I didn’t hesitate to try KATE Powder Gel Liner N, since it was highly rated by most of the Asian beauty magazines, from Japan to Taiwan.

The texture of this powder gel liner is extremely smooth, almost like a souffle, and it spreads very easily on my lids. The product claims to be long wearing, non-smudging and water/sweat resistant, which is a great selling point for me as I find most cream liners lacking in staying power. My eyelids are never greasy but some of the eyeliners I have used, despite claiming to be non smudging or long wearing, just smear and smudge midday.

The product even comes with an eyeliner brush, which I find to be of high quality, rivalling some of the eyeliner brushes I have spent more than US$20 on (each). The ease of using this eyeliner is remarkable.

As for the long wearing and staying power, even though it never did smudge or end up on my lower rims, it did fade above my upper lashline. It didn’t smear but it faded. I was surprised that it didn’t smear and didn’t seem to disrupt my eyeshadow or sink into anywhere else. But this is after almost 8 hours and I honestly didn’t expect it to stay that long anyway.

I paid about US$17 (including shipping) for this, and I enjoyed using it. I was impressed by how smooth this eyeliner is. Despite it not lasting all day, it didn’t smear or smudge, it just simply faded away after 8 hours and I think that is pretty reasonable.

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