Product Review: Kanebo Coffret D’or Silk F Pact UV (Long Keep) SPF22 PA++

Kanebo Coffret D'or Silk F Pact UV (Long Keep) with 2011 AW case, total about US$48.00
Kanebo Coffret D’or Silk F Pact UV (Long Keep) in BE-C with 2011 AW case, total about US$48.00

Unfortunately, the Sofina Primavista Liquid Foundation UV just wasn’t cutting it for me in the summer. The smearing was significant; so I decided to save that for winter use instead. It was also slightly too dark, so hopefully after summer I will have a bit of a tan and the foundation won’t make me look darker!

I bought this in BE-C (yellow based), it’s the middle ‘average’ shade on the yellow side (standard shade being OC-C). However, it ends up being too dark, just like my Sofina Primavista Liquid Foundation UV. I think next time I definitely have to get the lightest shade on the yellow side.

I had to use a very white powder (Skinfood Buckwheat Face Powder) to make it a little lighter to match my light skin, but still, my face is darker than my neck. What a shame because the tone is right, just too dark! Anyway, let’s move on to the texture. It’s a super light powder, but it provides full coverage, so it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It doesn’t settle into pores and has better oil control than Sofina Primavista Liquid Foundation UV, though I do find that this oxidizes slightly, whereas Sofina Primavista Liquid Foundation UV doesn’t change color at all.

I tested it on the hottest day of the year so far – temperature was 33 degrees, plus humidity, which felt like 43. I even sat in the car without AC on for 20 minutes waiting, and it didn’t melt or smear. I did have to blot several times a day, and there was mild caking around the base of my nose, my nasolabial folds and above my lip, but no smearing. When I blot I didn’t touch up with powder so this was pretty good, and withstood a very hot and humid summer day.

The case I bought was from the 2011 AW (Autumn/Winter) collection, which is still available on I bought the refill and the case from there as well, the case cost US$10 while the refill cost US$38. The case is really pretty and I fell in love with it – it’s definitely a big step up from my Shiseido Integrate Gracy powder pact I bought more than a year ago (for half the price of this one). Even the texture, the fineness of the powder are superb to the cheaper brands.

My only gripe is that I got the wrong shade, if I had gotten this in BE-B, this would have been my HG powder! Also, I was a bit surprised how much this covers, my freckles are invisible under this. It’s such a light powder but covers completely. I wanted something a little more sheer though, because when it cakes, it really shows, and I don’t fancy the mask-like look on my face when the coverage is full.

All in all, a good product. Coffret D’or replaces my all time favourite base makeup brand Revue (also by Kanebo), so I guess that’s why my skin agrees with it! By the way, Coffret D’or has its own official website in several languages. To find out more about this product on the official site, click here.

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