Product Review: Hisamitsu LIFECELLA Essence Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid

LIFECELLA Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask, 5pc, US$13
LIFECELLA Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask, 5pc, US$13

I haven’t done essence sheet masks in AGES! Thanks to a very good friend who sent me goodies periodically, I am back to the good habit of using facial masks.


This is Hisamitsu’s Lifecella series, which is widely popular. The price isn’t exorbitant, but the products perform very well. I have used the more affordable essence sheet masks made by cheaper brands, but I was not impressed with the visibly low quality of the masks. You can definitely tell right away when it’s a quality mask when it comes to the fit, and the texture. Lifecella has a very good design – the forehead part comes with the two tabs at the corners which allow you to have a better fit. I also like how the eye openings can be folded down as well. The texture of this mask is definitely not low quality – it is of medium thickness, and upon opening from its packet, each essence sheet mask feels saturated with essence.


I enjoyed these immensely. My skin looks visibly hydrated and supple after each use, and after a week in the sun in Cuba and back to Canada’s deep freeze, my skin really suffered, and these masks helped my parched, dehydrated skin a lot. The price is good for the quality and value you are getting. Highly recommended if you suffer from dehydration or dry skin!

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