Product Review: Hada Riki Kumargic Eye 20g

Hada Riki Medi Kumargic Eye, 20g, HK$88/US$12
Hada Riki Medi Kumargic Eye, 20g, HK$88/US$12

I read that a Japanese blogger swore by this product and she’s a vegan so I bought this, at about US$12, on It’s the only place outside of Japan that sells it online that I know of.

The English is misspelled on the packaging – “concetrated trial below eye” – but that’s perfectly okay. I have seen many spelling errors in English in a lot of Asian products anyway. You can guess the idea – this is for dark circles, as illustrated perfectly on the back of the packaging too:

Pretty cute, like most Japanese brands, gives it an endearing quality! 🙂 Anyway, this is a cream with collagen and Vitamin E to lessen the appearance of dark circles, as well as provide hydration and firm up the eye area. At US$12 for 20g, this is really generous. Do I really expect a US$12 eye cream to do the miracles of getting rid of dark circles though? Honestly, no. Nothing I have used, from high end to mid end, has ever accomplished that. I thought, at this price, even if it doesn’t work, I can still use it for hydration.

The texture of this eye cream is more like a lotion than a cream. It goes on very thin and you don’t need a whole lot to cover the eye area. I use it around the top of my eyelids as well without problem. It is fragrance free and even on my very sensitive eyes it feels good and doesn’t sting or burn.

Well, as it stands, after one month, I don’t see any difference on my dark circles. However, I do find that this US$12 cream hydrates as well as my US$29 Clinique All about Eyes Rich (CAD$37)! So, even though I still have dark circles, I can save a lot of money by sticking to this 20g size eye cream for $12.

Not bad, my dear readers. Hard to say whether I will repurchase, but all I know is that this tube will last me a long time before I have to decide!

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