Product Review: Hada Labo Japan Air Super Light UV Milk 35g SPF30 PA+++

Hada Labo Japan air Super Light UV Milk 35g SPF30 PA+++, US$19.95
Hada Labo Japan air Super Light UV Milk 35g SPF30 PA+++, US$19.95

I had been looking for the perfect sunscreen that’s light, lets my skin breathe, doesn’t leave a white cast, and contains enough sunscreen for daily use, which is SPF30. After two disappointments with Hada Labo products (BB Moist Cream and Tamagohada AHA+BHA Cleansing Foam), I tried this product with tepid enthusiasm.

First of all, this tube is tiny! With just 35g, this will travel easy.

Well, well, well. To my surprise, this is exactly what I had been looking for! It’s super light – the product is runny so be careful not to squeeze too hard – and once you apply it on your skin this spreads like water! It’s super super thin, and doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything! As much as I love the Shiseido sunscreen, it’s so thick compared to this. I can’t compare the two without being unfair though – the Shiseido one is water resistant and this isn’t (Hada Labo doesn’t test on animals either) – but I am so used to the thick cream texture I forgot how a light sunscreen is supposed to feel like. It claims to be air light and it is. On the package it says it lets your skin breathe and it does. LOVE it!

I bought this from alphabeautyuk on ebay for US$19.95 (plus shipping). I believe this is really by far the best sunscreen ever. 5 stars out of 5!

This product is alcohol, fragrance and colorant free, weak pH (good for skin) and not tested on animals.

*The packaging of this product is translated into Chinese, with no information where this is made (no Made In Japan anywhere).

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