Product Review: Fresh Sugar Lychee Body Lotion

Fresh Sugar Lychee Body Lotion, 10 oz. US$22.50
Fresh Sugar Lychee Body Lotion, 10 oz. US$22.50

Sometimes, we moms want to feel pretty. I have waited till my daughter is now almost 4 to put a fragranced lotion on in case of allergies. I just want to smell good and feel good, use something a little more luxurious than the fragrance free drug store brands once in awhile.

I grew up loving lychee. It’s a scrumptious sweet fruit with a taste completely unique that it has no peers. Fresh is famous for its Sugar scent, and I have read so many good things about this particular lotion, I bought it in haste at a local Sephora.

The scent – well, it doesn’t smell like lychee or sugar or the combination of both. It’s not an unpleasant smell; but it isn’t something I can’t live without. It was just ok. As far as the moisturizing effects, I found this to be too light. My skin tingles a bit because of the fragrance (I have dry and sensitive skin). I had to layer up but even then, my skin gets dry after an hour or two.

Fresh Sugar Lychee Body Lotion Ingredient List
Fresh Sugar Lychee Body Lotion Ingredient List

The verdict: Not worth the money in my opinion. Scent is a very personal thing – it may be your HG scent so much so that you use this body lotion because of it; but for me, neither the scent nor the hydration was worth the money. I had used much cheaper or similar higher end (e.g. L’Occitane) body creams which moisturize and smell better than this.

Animal Testing Status:

Fresh claims that they don’t do animal testing on their products, but it is not listed on PETA either way.

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