Product Review: Too Faced Powder Pouf Brush

Too Faced Powder Pouf Brush, US$32.00
Too Faced Powder Pouf Brush, US$32.00

After learning of all the horror of fur farms and animals killed for our makeup brushes, I had sworn off all the squirrel hair and goat brushes I had. One of my favorite makeup brands, Too Faced, is famous for their cruelty free makeup brushes, so I made a purchase to replace one of my always-shedding goat hair kabuki brushes.

I got this from for CAD$38.00 which includes shipping (I hate how Sephora charges Canadian so much more in Canadian dollars – this would have cost CAD$40 if I purchase this from or at Sephora stores in Canada). The only drawback of buying from is that it takes forever to get your orders – 2-3 weeks average because they ship from the US. It used to be but Rogers bought it over, even though the operations are still running in the US. Anyway, apart from the wait, I like buying from because they ship free on orders CAD$25.00 or more which is very easy to do. They also offer very easy returns (free returns with a preprinted label and postage).

The actual brush is a little shorter than my other makeup brushes, though not travel sized (you can still easily travel with this one). The brush comes with a cute little bow but in my own picture I took it off since I had to wash it after use. The bristles – “Teddy Bear Hair,” an exclusive, super-soft, and luxurious fiber that grabs and blends pigments for a professional-looking application – are cashmere soft – and they really mean it. I had used very soft natural hair brushes before from my ignorant days, but this one is so much softer. The bristles are densely packed so you can get a nice airbrushed effect with loose or pressed powder. You can use it like a kabuki brush, or a powder brush, either is easily achievable.

With animal hair brushes, you get a lot of shedding, but not with this one. I have not had one hair fall out of this brush!

This is now my HG powder brush. I hope the other companies will catch on to this idea because no animals will be killed for their fur for our vanity and this type of bristles are so much more durable and soft.

By the way, if you do try the brushes in store, keep in mind that after being used many times without a wash, any brush will feel a little hard because the bristles are not clean. I have tested a used Too Faced Powder Pouf brush at a Sephora and it turned me off because it was so rough; but when I bought my own, it is the softest brush ever. Just like if you use your makeup brushes everyday and not wash them for awhile, they will feel harder than usual. Wanted to put this out because I have read people who don’t actually own this brush but gave it a bad review just from testing a dirty brush out in a store!

Joseibi’s rating: 10 stars out of 5. LOVE this brush!

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