Product Review: DHC Q10 Face Powder (Transparent 00)

DHC Q10 Face Powder, 17g for US$17.00
DHC Q10 Face Powder, 17g for US$17.00

Sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest to find. I have no zits or major skin problems, so I all need is just a colorless loose powder to set my makeup. It’s hard to believe that almost all the brands I normally use don’t make a completely transparent loose powder – even the ones that say transparent aren’t really transparent!

Am I glad DHC has this Q10 Face Powder. It even comes in one with a light shimmer and one with a matte finish (among the other two – one in yellow and one in pink as brighteners). The price is more than reasonable – for the quality you are getting, it’s practically a steal!

I have nothing bad to say about this product. The texture is very fine and does not dry out my rather dry and dehydrated skin; I love its sheer coverage (no coverage at all actually which is exactly what I wanted) and it is touch up free. It does not cake or feel heavy.

My only wish is that the Canadian DHC online store would carry the entire Q10 base makeup line, which is available everywhere else but here!


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