Product Review: CoverGirl Clump Crusher LashBlast Mascara

Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara
Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara

This was an impulse buy. I had absolutely no intention of trying out CoverGirl; but I was glad I did!

I have heard a lot of good things about CoverGirl’s LashBlast, but admittedly, I am too much of a makeup snob to try CoverGirl. I had been burned a few times trying drug store cosmetics (Revlon: I am looking at you!) and I wasn’t going to do it again. But heck, even makeup artists have said that when it comes to mascaras, there isn’t really much of a difference spending $6.99 or $26.99. However, I am so infatuated with Lancome’s various mascaras(which still rank as the best ones I have ever used) to really give any drug store brands a chance.

Until now.


Ok, so the 200% more volume claim is a hyperbole. So what? At CAD$6.99 (on sale at Walmart at the time), I don’t care if it claims to give you 300%. The truth is probably closer to 100%, but even then, a heck of a deal for $6.99.

I bought the non-waterproof version, by the way, in Very Black (800). I bought it and then left it in my backburner pile. You know, not really interested in using it but it was $6.99 so what the heck. Anyway, I finally took it out a couple of months ago and finally got to try it. It is actually a very good mascara!  It defines lashes without any clumps so the zero clump claim is legit; I can’t say it gives 200% more volume as it has a decent (not the greatest but not bad) volumizing effect, but my lashes look pretty darn good even with just one coat, almost – I said it – ALMOST as good as Lancome’s Definicils at a fraction of the price.

It doesn’t flake, smear or smudge either. It is pretty long wearing and doesn’t require rubbing and tugging to remove. However, it is not without its drawback; the chubby tube, for example, isn’t exactly ergonomical, for one thing; but then again, how long do you spend putting mascara on? You don’t hold it long enough to give you sore wrists and fingers anyway.

I have seen reviews on makeupalley where users actually complain that the rubber brush which, if accidentally jabbed into your eye(s), can be pretty painful. Granted, a fibre brush would have been painful too; I had to laugh at that one but then, I did accidentally poke my eye with the rubber brush and it hurt like nobody’s business. It can feel a little hard when you get it very close to the base of your lashes, so be warned. Still, I won’t take a star off the mascara just because I poked myself. 😛

Finally, the only thing that actually matters as a drawback, is the lack of curl-holding power. It is the only thing, in my opinion, keeping Clump Crusher from being a 5-star mascara. You really have to curl your lashes well, and when you apply the mascara, hold it against your lashes until they are set before you take the mascara away. You should always do this with a mascara anyway; but I have used Lancome mascaras and they are great at holding curls so they are more forgiving if you don’t hold your lashes up. I can get Clump Crusher to hold 2 layers of mascara on my lashes, but there are days when I am in a hurry and after one layer, my lashes looked weighed down. Usually, waterproof mascaras are better at holding the curls, so if your lashes are super straight (mine are not) you may want to try the waterproof version.



Overall, I am quite impressed by LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara. I definitely will buy the waterproof version again especially in the summer time!

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