Product Review: CLINIQUE Repairwear Laser Focus

CLINIQUE Repairwear Laser Focus, 1oz, US$47.50
Repairwear Laser Focus, 1oz, US$47.50

I receive a lot of questions (and sorry if I don’t answer all of them) on this blog and also via email. Most of them are the same: what works on fine lines and hyperpigmentation/freckles? After all, these two are probably the most pressing concerns (besides acne) that a lot of us face, regardless of age. By now, I have used and sampled literally hundreds of different anti-age and/or whitening products.

Does any of them really work?

Well, each of these brands would promise or claim to do this, do that, erase this, erase that. But unfortunately, none of them really delivered. I have used very expensive (in the $100+ range) products that perform no better than a bottle of Olay (which, in my opinion, is a very good moisturizer, mind you, for the price). It is also easy to judge a product against its price tag and the review more or less depends on the price and the perceived value of what you get.

I have read so many good reviews on Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus that I was hopeful when I bought the 30ml/1oz version. In Canada this stuff is nearly $10 more than in US$; so I was glad that I actually bought it in the summer when I was in the US on vacation.

This is what it claims: A potent serum that gives skin a second chance against lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

What it is formulated to do:
In four weeks, this product delivers an obvious reduction in lines and wrinkles while improving skin’s overall texture. At 12 weeks, its visible wrinkle-reducing power comes remarkably close to the profound wrinkle repairing results of a dermatological laser procedure. Clinique guarantees impressive results and your best, most beautiful skin.

Sounds great, right? And when stacked against similar products from Dior, or Estee Lauder, US$47.50 is a steal. But does it really work?

Well, as it turns out, it is a good hydrating serum. But laser focus? Utter hyperbole.

The texture of this product is very good. It’s not a slick silicone feel, but it absorbs very well into the skin. That’s the good part; and it does hydrate. I used this twice a day, for the past 3 months, but it has absolutely no effect on the fine lines on my forehead or my freckles/sun spots. Nada.

How is that ‘remarkably close’ to the wrinkle repairing results of a laser procedure? Catchy marketing gimmick, that’s all it is, folks.

If you are looking for a good hydrating serum that can go under your makeup without making your foundation slide, this is it. It is a good hydrating serum but just don’t expect it to do anything else.

So what really works, then? So far, I’d have to say that Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair – that stuff in the brown bottle that’s been around for ages – is really the best bet. When I used it, my skin was so soft the next day my fine lines are softened and lessened. Nothing else has that effect on my skin. I no longer have the budget to keep trying out new products that may or may not work, so I’ll be returning to that brown bottle!

Click the picture to see the list of ingredients:


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