Product Review: Clarins Pro Eyebrow Kit

Clarins Pro Eyebrow Kit, CAD$36.00
Clarins Pro Eyebrow Kit, US$35.00

When this product came out, I did a preview on it and I am glad to say that this is probably one of the best eyebrow products I have ever tried, and I have tried plenty. In fact, after just a few uses, it has become one of my staple products in my train case.

This is a very small compact by the way, it easily fits into even a small purse. The compact is light, sleek and very thin so it really is convenient to carry with you, even if it’s a trip to the gym for a post-sweat touch up. 

There are three eyebrow shades to choose from – black, dark brown and a taupe light brown shade if you are blonde. I have dark brown hair so I find that the dark brown shade is perfect; but if you think you may not use all three and it’s a waste, think again. The black and taupe shades can be mixed together to create the right shade for me, so even if the brown shade runs out I won’t find myself wasting the other two.

The pinkish eyeshadow does not go on pink, by the way, it actually does a great job of evening out the skin tone on your eyelids without taking up a specific shade. It is also very subtle and not too pigmented, so the effect is very natural and subtle.

The wax is also very useful and comes in handy to hold your brows in shape. The tiny tweezer is surprisingly efficient and well made. The staying power of the eyebrow powder is also a major selling point – it stays without flaking or smearing until I take it off.

For US$35.00 (CAD$36.00 thanks to the parity of our dollar), this is really a steal. If you have sparse eyebrows, this is a great product for you! My only wish that it would come with a tiny eyebrow pencil in the compact. Then it would be truly indispensable!


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