Product Review: Cezanne Power Fit UV Concealer

CEZANNE Power Fit UV Concealer in #02, about US$12 by seller alphabeautyuk on ebay.

No, your eyes aren’t wrong, and there was adequate lighting in my light tent. This is #2, ‘natural beige’, one of two shades from Cezanne Power Fit UV Concealer!

The good – let’s run through all the specs:

Stretch formula: Moves flexibly with the skin, staying closely attached to it.
Waterproof: The long-lasting formula gives hours of coverage for problem areas.
Anti-sunburn: SPF20-PA++. Prevents blotches and freckles caused by sun exposure.
Coverage effect / Fragrance-free / Non-mineral oil / Non-ethanol

Sounds good, right? In many ways, yes! But it’s too glaring to ignore. #2 ‘natural beige’ turns out not to be too natural – it’s just downright dark:

It’s really really yellow. Usually, the #2 shade range from Japanese brands isn’t that dark or yellow, but this is my first (and most likely last) time using Cezanne. I had initially bought #2 hoping to avoid the reverse raccoon eye effect (from too-light shades highlighting the dark circles). How ironic!

My naked Cezanne Power Fit UV Concealer in Natural Beige (#2)

Now I have the exact raccoon eye effect. I look like I forgot sunscreen under my eyes and got a tan right there.

Anyway, this is obviously the wrong shade, but let’s move on. I bought it for its waterproof properties for my upcoming summer trip. Is it really waterproof? Yes, it is. I even tried using soap to wash it off but it doesn’t budge; only an oil-based cleanser did the trick.

The texture is medium – it’s not thick or thin, but it sets super super quick, as many waterproof products do. So, once you dab it under your eyes, work quickly, or it will dry to a matte finish and won’t budge. Which brings to my second observation – this, though waterproof, is also drying. If you have lines and creases under your eyes, this will settle into those lines.

Obviously I cannot wear this as is, so I don’t use it on its own. Instead, I mix this with my other concealers (from Bobbi Brown and Meishoku). Because of the yellowness in this, it works with lighter shades that I find too light, so it ends up not being wasted. I just wish I bought #1 from the get-go and can use it as is. So now, I am still out of a waterproof concealer! May have to bite the bullet and spend twice as much for a comparable product this time.

No more drug-store level products for me!

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