Product Review: Cargo EyeLighter in Gold

Cargo EyeLighterâ„¢ in Gold, US$20.00
Cargo EyeLighter in Gold, US$20.00

A few months ago, I bought a bunch of Cargo makeup when it went on sale at Sephora. I guess Sephora was phasing Cargo out so the whole brand was on sale! Some of the Cargo products are quite innovative so I bought one of the more popular items. Within seconds after I checked out, this was sold out!

This is like a highlighter for eyes. I have one from Jane Iredale which I rarely used – somehow it always irritates my sensitive eyes. The Jane Iredale one is in a creamy pencil formula by the way, and this Cargo Eyelighter is in powder form.

On the Cargo website, it shows you how to use this product for the best results. I find their tutorials quite useful, actually. I have been using this one for 2 months already but forgot to post a review so here it is. The amount you are getting doesn’t look like much, but it really does last quite sometime. I used it daily for two months and it still looks 90% full! One end of this product is for outer corners of your eyes, the other side, for inner corners. The outer corner one is a matte gold shade, while the inner corner one is a shimmery (but not glittery) pale gold. I use the outer corner one along my entire lower lash lines and outer corners to brighten my eyes, and it never irritated my eyes.

Wearing Cargo Eyelighter in Gold - the effects are very subtle.
Wearing Cargo Eyelighter in Gold - the effects are very subtle.

The effect is subtle – it’s not too gold (it’s more like a champagne pale white gold) and it’s very nice. The sponge applicators are  handy to blend the product but I still end up using my fingers to smooth the powder out. My only problem is that it’s not really something I can’t live without – especially when I normally use a similar shade in my Stila and Clarins eyeshadows in the same areas anyway. So this becomes redundant. However, if you don’t have an eyeshadow in a similar shade, this is a nice product to brighten and open up your eyes. It is especially handy if you wake up with fatigued looking eyes.

I bought this at US$8.00 at the time of the sale by the way, so I really can’t complain! Not sure if I would pay regular price for it though. You can easily replace it with a eyeshadow to do the same trick.


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